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While we all know that business never happens for free, it is difficult to shun ads on screens. However, these ads are annoying and intrude us immensely while doing an important task on the internet. In fact, sometimes it forces us in an awful situation when an irrelevant advertisement flashes on the screen during a business meeting.

The predicament lies in removing those unwanted ads from the screen and focus on the work we are doing. Interestingly, the best thing about advancement in technology is that the balance between new inventions and upgrading and amending the existing ones is maintained.

Just like E-commerce websites have been frequently using Google remarketing, Ad Blocking is the new thing expanding to create equilibrium and avoid chaos on the screens of your laptops, desktops and tabs. This shutting off ads can be a serious threat to the digital advertising industry.

Ad blocking has become a buzzword lately due to the announcement of Apple providing an ad blocking software, Safari to its iOS9 users. Since then, the advertisers and marketers are jittery about their business growth and sales.

A recent report The 2015 Ad Blocking Report by PageFair and Adobe has stated that the ad blocking software will charge publishers an enormous $22 billion in 2015. It further mentioned that the use of ad blockershas grown by 41% in the last year, which is a major concern for digital marketers including the ones implementing social media marketing and other paid online advertising. Adding to their anxiety, the ad blocking softwares are turning their focus to the mobile technology.

About the topic, Sir Martin Sorrell, the Chief Executive of the world’s largest marketing group, WPP mentioned, “It’s not quite as significant a threat as people have said.”“But am I worried about it? The honest answer is yes.”

How is Ad Blocking Useful to Marketers?

Nonetheless, it will be surprising to know that ad blocking an excellent idea even for marketers as it removes the weeds from the massive audiences the digital marketing professionals are targeting. Ad blocking softwares will be a paid mobile app, which will ask users to pay the amount for using the app. This, in turn, will generate revenues for digital media advertisers only. Being a self-selection tool, users who find it beneficial can pay and start using it. Henceforth, it’s a ‘head-you lose and tail-I win’ situation for marketers.

Ad blocking is also helpful to marketers and for that matter, the whole marketing industry as it will force them to become more relevant to their fields and capture prolific user base, thereby improving their conversion rate. We hope publishers won’t think ofcreepier ways to clutter up their pages through native advertising rather adopt corrective advertising options to increase traffic and kick off their sales.

Final Words

Although, there has come up a wave of danger and disruption among the global digital marketers and advertisers, this problem of ad blocking seriously needs to be addressed. The online businesses should start thinking of much more creative and sensible ideas of marketing and selling their services to huge markets as ad blockers are going to take away much of the user base that disapprove of uninvited and out of the placeadvertisements flashed on their screens.

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