Can CBD Oil Help with Your Dental Problems?

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There are so many things that CBD can do that it is being hailed as a miracle cure. While it can’t do it all, it is remarkable in two very distinct ways.

It is an ideal analgesic for pain and it also works as an antiseptic agent. Since it has these properties, it seems ideally suited to work for dental issues.

CBD is very misunderstood as people seem to think it’s the same as taking marijuana. It actually has none of the psychotropic effects since it doesn’t have any THC. In fact, you can still pass a drug test because of this.


What can it do for your teeth?

In this article, we will explore how CBD oil is currently being used against all sorts of dental ailments.


Hopefully, you have eliminated many bad habits that can end up damaging your teeth. In the event that you do have a toothache, using a CBD oil directly on the gums can wipe out any tooth pain.

Here it will react directly with the pain receptors at the point of pain. It is quickly absorbed into the gums and works within minutes.

If you have recently had dental implants then this is an ideal way to reduce that pain from the surgery.

Slow Tooth Decay

If you have not been taking good care of your teeth and only recently have gotten into some good habits, then using CBD will help slow or even reverse the effects of tooth decay.

CBD oil has been shown to have bone-strengthening properties which can help keep your teeth strong and resist cavities.

Swollen Gums

When you have swollen gums, it is usually a bacterial infection that is causing the problem. Cannabidiols work to heal and protect your gums in a number of ways.

First, the antibacterial effect will kill the bacteria causing the problem. Then the anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the swelling and get your gums back to normal. Lastly, the analgesic properties will eliminate the pain from the swelling.

If you frequently have swollen and painful gums then use some oil to prevent it from coming back in addition to practicing better dental hygiene.

How to use CBD for your teeth?

If you like the idea of using pure ingredients then you can apply an oil or tincture directly to the area where there is pain. It is very effective and works quickly.

For preventative use, try a CBD infused toothpaste. Even if you don’t have a toothache or infection, you are doing your teeth a big favor by using such toothpaste. It is easy to use and doesn’t require doing anything special in your dental routine.

If your pain is more general like overall tooth sensitivity then try some edibles. They come in the form of gummies, baked goods, and other foods. When you eat CBD it takes a little while to start to feel the effects. Once it kicks in it goes right to work by treating your tooth pain where you feel it.

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