Getting in Tune with CBD Oil for Dogs

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In the middle of the quarantine, there are so many people in the world alone in their homes. Some might be living in apartments, while others are already living like this for a long time. Even though a lot of people would claim that they can survive to be alone, that is not the case most of the time. We would need a companion to interact with us as days pass by.

This is why a lot of people are looking for other ways to deal with this level of solitude. Some go back to their parents, but many do not want to risk this. Others look for their friends and they bunk for the meantime. If human interaction is difficult to find, then the best option would be having a pet as you can read in this article.

There was a time when only domesticated animals were considered as pets. Livestock was either working on the field or ready for slaughter. Cats, dogs, and horses are just some of the most popular options for those looking for a pet. However, in the modern world, horses fell out of favor from the common people. The previous two remain as the most popular options for pet owners and animal lovers.


It is arguable which of the two is more popular. Some say it is the cats since they are smaller and so much easier to take care of. Their ancestors might have been tamed for “mousing,” but there is a good reason why dogs are considered as man’s best friend. They can and will accompany us anywhere, as we are now a part of their “pack”.

Now, if you have a pet dog, you want it to be healthy all the time. There is a reason why we need to take good care of them. They cannot just do everything on their own. Some might be more independent, but they still need all the attention. Treat them like family, and their loyalty will always be there for you.

Taking care of a canine seems to be easy for some. All you need to do is to feed them at least twice per day with the right food for their bodies. Some prefer dog food, while others go natural like cooked meat and some other vegetables. There are even organic pet foods available in many stores around the world.

Exercise is also important for its development. Most of them were bred for physical activity, so this should be a priority. Most breeds need to have at least 30 minutes a day for a walk or run. This can help them regulate their body and let out the stress of being cooped in the house overnight. With the recent issues regarding COVID-19, you might need to be more creative if you want to take them for a walk.

Marijuana: A Medical Miracle?


Aside from those obvious ways, you can also give them something else like a supplement. For example, CBD or cannabidiol oil has been gaining popularity as a way to help your pet with their health issues. It might seem to be farfetched, but many experts believe that it truly works. Commercially manufactured CBD for dogs by Holistapet, for instance, has been gaining popularity online for their pet-friendly CBD products. You can check them out along with other brands in online review websites.

Most of you are familiar with cannabis, or marijuana for some. It is a substance known to give a mood relaxant or the feeling of “high” for many people. Also, it is considered as a psychedelic drug since it can induce hallucinations for the user. They have been considered as illegal for a long time, but several countries are looking to change their stances regarding this drug.

This is because of the discovery of the compounds responsible for both effects. CBD is the relaxant, as it binds with the receptors needed to make you feel high. It inhibits the THC, the compound responsible for that. These two are rather like their chemical composition, but the similarities do end there.

This can affect your canine friend in a lot of ways. First, as they are mammals like us, they also have a similar system that processes the effects of cannabis on the body. This is called the endocannabinoid system, which influences mood, appetite, and sleep. Once they take it, then you will see the effects.

One of the major outcomes of using this on your dog is on their behavior. They would calm down enough for you to move or let them sleep. This is great for those who are having trouble with their pet’s behavior. For example, some might be biters even though they are already past the stage for that. The dosage will always depend on the size of the animal.

Meanwhile, it can also assist the owner in cases wherein the dog might feel uncomfortable or they make others feel wary. We all know that most of these animals tend to be active. If you want to keep them calm and quiet, then you can give them CBD. This should not be done all the time, as too much of anything can still harm your beloved pet.

Where Can You Purchase It?

This depends on your area. Most of the states in the US have already accepted the use of medical marijuana. However, pet CBD is still in the grey area. Some do allow its production or use, while others are still strict regarding their drug laws. Review the policy in your state first before doing anything.

It is also important to consult with your vet before administering any kind of cure for your pet. They are the ones who can accurately measure the right dosage and in giving the proper treatment. Many pet owners have lost their animals because they did not know that it was dangerous for them.

Also, make sure that you are getting the right products. The ones that you should be giving to your dog should have no traces of THC. it is toxic to them and might harm your canine friend in the long run. Keep an eye out for any kind of fake products as well.

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