7 Unusual Ways To Exercise Your Brain

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The brain is one of the most unusual parts of the human body. The brain although not considered a muscle can be exercised in order to make the brain higher functioning and the mental alertness of a person heightened. There are many different ways to exercise your brain that are unusual and things that you have to try, that are hard to believe.

Card Games

Cards give the ability to the player to interact with others while also exercising the analytical part of the brain. Doctors encourage elderly patients who are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s to play cards as keeping a person mentally stimulated helps keep the elderly more aware.

Brushing Teeth With Other Hand

Brushing your teeth is a mundane task but switching up this task can make it more interesting and stimulate your brain.

Brushing your teeth with your other hand can help strengthen the part of the brain that helps process tactile information.

Video Games

There are specific video games that have been studied and positively linked with higher functioning brain activity as well as a boost in critical thinking. Certain areas of the brain can be trained with video games and become higher functioning. There have also been therapies that have involved video games for specific mental disorders. Your mother was wrong, video games are good for you and can help make you a better person.

Play Around With Change

Playing around with change and identifying the coins by feel rather than site can improve tactile processing centers in the brain. Making sure to play with similar things makes it more of a challenge when trying to identify it, rather than playing with extremely differentiated things.

This brain game won’t cost anything but can help your fine touch pathways in an immense fashion.

Talk To More People Per Day

Expanding your social circle can sometimes be daunting, but talking to more people per day helps your brain. Even the smallest interactions of picking up a coffee and talking to the cashier can help stimulate brain activity. Social deprivation has been shown to be linked to lower cognitive abilities and increased chances of developing mental disorders. Talk to a few more people as it could change your life for the better.

Eat New Things

Expanding your diet to new and exotic things can be great for your palate but also for your brain. There are many foods of which the smell of them can evoke some sort of emotion, as smell is the sense linked the closest with your emotions. Keeping your diet varied is a great way to find new favorites as well as establish new emotions and connections.

Switch Your Routine Up

Once the brain has gotten into a specific routine for certain parts of the day its activity goes down immensely. Switching up your morning routine can help kick start your brain making you more productive throughout the day. The simple task of taking the dog for a walk after your coffee can help in a long term fashion. Switching up your routines constantly is a simple way to keep your brain functioning at a higher level than it had previously. Try switching up something each day so the brain cannot go on autopilot.

As you can see, a dormant brain is not a healthy or responsive brain. Keeping the mind active can impact all areas of your life including your positive impacts in your family life as well as professional life.

Just a couple of minutes a day exercising your brain can do wonders for mental state as well as memory.

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