7 Health Benefits of Side Sleeping

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Sleeping position is often linked with comfort, but did you know that sleeping position could be important for your health too?

7 Health Benefits of Side Sleeping

Well, that is true. Compared to sleeping on the back or on your stomach, sleeping on your left has several distinct advantages. In today’s post, I will introduce you to the 7 amazing health benefits of side sleeping on your left. Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Prevents Serious Illness

The left side is the most powerful lymphatic side of our body. Therefore, sleeping on your left side will be helpful for your lymphatic system to remove the fluid toxin and other waste products of our body. By sleeping on the left side, you can help the lymphatic drainage system to prevent serious illness.

2. Improved Liver and Kidney Performance

Kidney and Liver are two of the most important organs in our body which control the excretion and metabolism functionalities. In the process, they accumulate lots of toxin and waste products. Sleeping on the side will make it easier to remove these elements and ensure better performance for these organs.

3. Better Digestion

When sleeping on the left side, you are allowing the pancreas and the stomach to be in their natural positions. This is very important for better food digestion. Sleeping on your left will release more pancreatic enzymes and will allow the food to move naturally in your stomach. All of these are very helpful for proper digestion.

4. Better Bowel Movement

When your body is resting on the left, something interesting happens in your intestine. With the help of gravity, your consumed food moves from the small intestine to the large ones. Coupled with the improved functioning of other parts of your body, this process makes sure that the waste products are being eliminated through faces.

5. Improved Heart Functioning

The heart, another crucial organ of our body is also located on the left side. Therefore, if you sleep on your left, you are helping your heart to perform in a better way. Gravity plays an important role again. Due to the sleeping position, the blood vessels workload is reduced. Therefore, your blood circulation will improve too.

6. Reduces Acid and Heartburn

People experiencing heartburn could find it beneficial to sleep on their left sides. In this position, the stomach contents are not allowed to enter into the cardiac sphincter, which is the main reason of heartburn.This position also limits the movement of gastric acid, helping your body to prevent gastric pains.

7. Prevents Accumulation of Fats

Our body fats are digested by a complex process named Emulsification. Bile juice coming from the gall bladder and the liver is the main ingredient of this process. Sleeping on the left side helps these organs to release more bile juice, which will result in more fat digestion. Along with diet and exercise, sleeping on your left could be a useful way to keep your fats in control.

Final Words

All these advantages make it very important for you to try and sleep on your left side. If you are not used to sleep on the left, try using a side sleeper pillow or other thing which will prevent you from turning over once you fall asleep. It is for your own benefit after all.

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