5 Smart Certifications to Help with Future Employment

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Certifications show the outside world that you’re willing to jump through the hoops of officialdom in order to show that you have a standardized level of understanding regarding a specific topic. You don’t have to have a certificate to know about a subject, but having a certificate shows that not only you know about that subject, but were willing to put yourself through a reputable and recognized process of education as well.

Take for instance these five certifications, and how they can help you with future employment opportunities – PHP certifications, medical terminology certification, CPR certification, an Associate’s Degree, and a food preparation license.

PHP Certification

Programming is the future, and PHP is a big part of programming. By taking a few classes to learn about PHP and learning about its relationship with web design and development, you’re showing your willingness to stick your feet in the water of the technical behind the scenes universe of the world wide web. And regardless of whether you use this knowledge on a daily basis, an employer will be more likely to give you a shot (especially at a  tech company) if you have this type of certification on your resume.

Medical Terminology Certification

Regardless of the job you want in the medical field, knowing the terminology is key. Because if you don’t know it, you can potentially be putting yourself and others in danger. Medical terms quickly communicate the seriousness of various situations, and if you don’t understand what’s going on, regardless if you’re a doctor, an administrator, or an assistant of some kind, then you don’t belong. And it’s not a bad idea to get your medical terminology certification before you apply to a job as well, instead of after.

CPR Certification

If you’re lucky, you’ll never be in a situation where someone needs CPR near to you. But if this happens, and no one else knows CPR, you may have to do the best that you can in the situation. And to give yourself the best chance of success, having an updated CPR license will ensure you have the latest information available, and can protect you legally as well. Employers will appreciate that you’ve made yourself responsible thusly.

Associate’s Degrees

An Associate’s Degree is a certification of sorts as well, when you think about it. It’s a certification that you’ve been willing to go through standardized introductory courses in a broad field of study, and that is a huge plus, and sometimes even required, by many employers.

Food Preparation

If you want a job in any industry where there’s food do deal with, then you have to get a food prep license or certification. This shows that you understand the basics of cleanliness and sanitization when it comes to ensuring that you don’t pass on opportunities for sickness and disease in daily operations.

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