Why It’s Always Better to Buy a Used Car Rather Than New

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Years ago, there was much credence and prestige given to the buying of new cars. However, it is now considered a better option to purchase used rather than new. It almost needs no mentioning that price is one major advantage when buying new, the moment you drive the vehicle out of the showroom and onto the road, the value has now dropped by a whopping ten percent. Within the first year, most cars will have lost thirty percent of their value, some can lose even forty percent. When buying a used car, there’s no worry about losing resale value as soon as you drive it away.

Lower Insurance

Another good reason for buying used is the cost of insurance. It’s obvious that the newer the car, the higher its value, and correspondingly the insurance costs follow. A car that’s a couple of years old will have a more acceptance insurance value, even though it has been looked after and regularly serviced.

How Much Should You Pay?

When you’re looking for a used vehicle, how do you know what price you should be paying? That’s where a site like Vehicle History can help you work out used car values, comes in handy, and when you begin your search for a vehicle, you already have a vital piece of information to hand, potentially making your search a more efficient one before you have even left the comfort of your armchair.

When you get to the point you decide to view a vehicle that has captured your interest, you need to take some common sense steps to ensure the history and details of your new car are correct, click here to read more.

If you go down the route of buying a used car from a dealership then remember you will have a better chance to negotiate a bargain, the dealer may have more mark-up, but it does offer you the chance to bring the price down somewhat. As well as this, another dealership advantage is they will have a large selection of pre-owned cars for you to choose from.

Warranty Issues

Remember that the original warranty can often be transferable to a second owner, so buying from an authorised dealer can make gaining the balance of the warranty an easier task. Don’t forget that some manufacturers will offer an extended warranty past the original one, although as cars are becoming more and more reliable, some people tend to think that this might even be unnecessary.

As technology advances, it brings with it a whole new world of gizmo’s to the motor trade. An advantage to buying a used car can be when the vehicle has undergone regular servicing, things like irritating bugs in first generation software will have been ironed out when the car has undergone its routine service visit to the dealer. Likewise, fuel economy is likely to have been honed to near perfection during those services, something that has been undertaken before the particular car became available for sale.

Although you can’t necessarily choose the colour or trim options, your search can be an extremely rewarding one when you find your ideal car.

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