What to Do When Boredom Hijacks You?

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Well, we all go through those days when boredom mounts on us. During such times, we lack clarity regarding how to get away with that feeling of dullness. Boredom can make you do strange and stupid things if you don’t take instant measures to cope with it.


Unlike popular assumption, you don’t have to spend too much money every time boredom strikes you. There are some easy and much more convenient ways to kill your time in a productive manner. We are listing them below:

1. Dedicate Yourself in Cleaning

Your boredom could be the result of not being able to do something physical for long. If you happen to be one of those people who spend a lot of time in front of their PC, then its time to move your legs. You can start cleaning your room. It maybe already in good shape, but there is always something you can tidy up.

2. Read Books

Reading can really refresh your mind. There can’t be an any better use of time than picking up a book and lose yourself in the pages. Apart from making you more imaginative and creative, reading enhances your knowledge. Going by the numbers, reading one hour daily for seven consecutive years is enough to make an expert in your field.

Reading is quite a subjective thing. You may or may not like a best seller. Therefore, go for the genre you like instead of the popularity of the book or author. You can even consider finishing a half-read book.

3. Take Your Dog for a Walk

How’s the weather outside? Good? Take a walk with your dog. It is awesome, and one of the most profitable ways to make yourself and your pet feel better. According to the Washington Post, daily walking for 30 minutes can keep you at bay from chronic illness.

Although it is nice to accompany your four-legged friend on a walk, you can do it alone anyway if you don’t own a pet.

4. Go to the Gym

Ideally, one should go to the gym regularly. However, it is not an easy task given the haphazardness of life. But you can make the most of the gym whatever time you have in hand. It is better to have a one-off gym session here and there than not going to the gym at all.

So if your gym membership card has been left to gather dust, it is about the time to give it a priority. You can set up a personal gym at home. Especially if you are facing issues doing routine work, the gym can improve your energy level to cope with this challenge says Healthline.

5. Learn Something New

Is there anything you have been longing to learn for years but could not find the time? It could be anything like playing a musical instrument, painting, singing, or creative writing. Well, we all know some people who always wanted to learn such things but somehow could not do so.

So make use of this time to apply for singing classes or whatever you find appealing. The boredom will literally turn into a blessing in disguise.

6. Play Games

For many of us, games are usually the first option to while away the boredom. Though, it is noticed that after indulging in games, some of us tend to feel guilty for wasting our time on mediocre games.

It is pertinent to mention here that online platforms, like unlimited gamez mo, have taken the quality of games one step further. Exploit these online channels, and you will surely land upon the games of your liking. Moreover, it is worthy to note that, according to The Independent, children playing video games have a 1.88 times higher levels of competence.

7. Serve Others

Due to our busy routine, we fail to notice people living miserable lives. You can work for the well-being of such people or animals. Even if it comes out of boredom but serving others is a noble cause.

The peace of mind that comes through this path is unbeatable. There could be pet charities working around you or organization working for elderly and homeless people, you can offer your services in whatever capacity you would like to.

8. Cook Your Favorite Food

Eating is more fun when the food is cooked by yourself. So go into the kitchen without much ado and spill your creative beans to make your favorite dish.

One might ask what fun it would be for those who cook food regularly. Well, for all such people, it is a good time to break a dull routine and do some experiments and enhance their cooking skills.

Is there anything on your wishlist that you have been eager to cook for quite some time? Homemade ice-cream, zucchini, or salmon? It’s your time to give it a try.

9. Paint Your House

If you possess DIY skills like painting, it is a good time to pick up a paintbrush. No matter how cleanliness conscious you may be, there are going to some spots which need to be licked with paint. Among other stuff, door frames, and stairs get easily scuffed.

10. Keep a Journal

Making a shopping list in an online application can’t give you the same feeling as writing on paper. Spending time in front of a mobile screen can very exhaustive, but you don’t face any such challenge while penning down on a journal.

Apart from making lists, you can use your journal as a planner and personal diary at the same time.

11. Explore Your City

If there is any historical place in your city, then you should utilize this time to go out there and explore it. Even though you have visited that very location in the past, you will pick up something new from its rich background. Such is the worth of archeological sites. It will turn out to be a great outing with the learning experience. According to NBC News, there are scientifically proven benefits of traveling which include enhancing your mental, physical, and emotional health too.

12. Go to YouTube

Last but not least. Youtube is pretty much a go-to option for many people when they have nothing else to do. Primarily because youtube offers diversity. You can find almost anything you can venture to imagine. From tutorial videos to TV serials, films to cartoons, everything is just a few clicks away from you.

Final Thoughts

Don’t allow boredom to take over you. As you can see, there are plenty of productive options to use your time than just being a couch potato. These are our alternatives to kill boredom, would you like to add anything in this list? Let us know in the comment section.

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