What Are the Top 10 Most Common Personal Injury Cases?

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Personal injury cases happen all the time.

They can result from carelessness or intentional actions. Either way, if someone gets hurt, and someone else caused it, a lawsuit could easily arise.


You can always hire a personal injury attorney, Salt Lake City residents, if you live there and someone harmed you. Before you do, though, you should know about some of the most common reasons why these lawsuits occur.

Dog Bites

Dog bites that result in personal injury lawsuits happen frequently. If a pet dog gets loose and attacks someone, it is more than likely the victim will try to find the dog’s owner and sue them. They might try to collect money and also get the animal put to sleep.

Slip and Falls

People slipping and falling in stores and on private property also happens often. If that occurs, the injured party might try to sue someone whom they hold responsible. If they injured themselves severely, it is even more likely they will try to collect compensation.

Construction Accidents

If you’re walking past a construction site, and something falls and hits you, you’re likely to sue. If you’re one of the construction workers, and you injure yourself because of unsafe worker conditions, you might also try to sue your employer.

Car Wrecks

Car wrecks happen every day all across the country. They often result in civil lawsuits. If someone drives drunk or recklessly, someone they injured is liable to sue them. If the responsible driver was speeding, texting on their phone, or doing something similar, they are liable to lose such a case.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors often get sued for medical malpractice. That can happen if they misdiagnose someone or if they give them the wrong medication. It can also occur if they operate on the wrong limb or do something equally egregious. Nurses or other medical staff can also get sued.

Product Liability Cases

If a product is faulty, and it hurts someone, that can be the basis for a lawsuit. Products are supposed to be rigorously tested before they make it onto store shelves, but that does not always mean they are as safe as you would hope as a consumer.

Pedestrian Accidents

Cars that hit pedestrians can cause lawsuits. If a car runs up on the sidewalk or hits someone in a crosswalk, that person will likely sue the driver. If that driver was drunk, high, or distracted, they can get a judgment against them and also lose their license.

Bike Accidents

A car hitting a cyclist can cause a lawsuit. Some drivers are not as respectful of cyclists as they should be and are more inclined to hit them than careful motorists.

Wrongful Deaths

If someone causes an individual’s death, the family of the deceased might sue the responsible party if they have enough evidence of wrongdoing.

Motorcycle Accidents

Some drivers do not pay as much attention to motorcycle riders as they should. Injury and deaths from vehicles hitting motorcycles can often result in lawsuits.

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