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Today this is trends that if you get anything new then just go online and publish it as soon as possible, but wait is it really good for your future image also. No, just publishing new things quickly on blogs is not quality blogging there are some thing you have to do before publishing your blog post articles on your blog and publishing media. We always do mistakes when tries to perform a quick task, therefore just slow down yourself and keep your eyes on quality also. Here are some points about better article publishing techniques.

Article Writer

Now people are tired with text based and simple articles, so you need to optimize your articles to nice looking one. This can be done using better images and video explanations. Write less than explaining more, this is your new task to attract and sustain existing loyal readers.

Use Proper Post’s Format

Using proper formats of text is most important. You need to optimize the blog post by proper use of bold, italic, underline, headings and links. This creates a reading ability of readers.

Double Check Your Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Grammar and spelling mistakes made your whole article neglected one. Reader catches such kind of mistakes very fast, so double check your every sentence if possible then try to write your whole article in word files where you will notified when you do mistakes.

Use Related Images and Videos in Your Post

Using images in your articles are good thing, but using related images are more better. Images have ability to explain the story in one view and it has worth of equal to thousand words. If you are capable of taking little bit extra efforts then create your own explanatory video which is 10 time more attractive than texts based posts.

Research on Targeted Keywords

If you want to get more and more readers from the search then keywords are necessary. Your heading, post and hyperlink must include the targeted keywords which will help you to take a top position in search engines. Do not over use it otherwise your post will be penalized.

Preview Your Post

Before pressing publish button check whether your whole post is written greatly. Take a bit of time here and change the necessary things if you think it should be changed, then finally publish your article.

If you still not used these things in your previous post then don’t feel sorry for that, try to do better for your upcoming blog post articles. These things will sure help you to get better response from your readers.

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