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To stand on top position there are certain things you have to do after publishing your blog post articles. As we can see the stiff competition of blogs and their content publicization is very high. So why wait after publishing of your content, it can go for publicization more faster if we perform certain things just after publish of new content.


Follow the given suggestions below to reach your audience without wasting time.

Submit New Contents to Search Engines

Just after publishing new contents don’t sit for automatic index of your new article because this can take longer time. It can be index faster if you go inside webmaster tools and fetch it manually. This way search engine quickly starts their job to index your new content.

Syndicate Contents to Social Networks

After manual submission of new content it is important to publicize your contents to social network.  It will generate some free traffic plus chances of sharing of your content will directly increases. Social reputation of very much important for a blog or website to built a strong network.

Encourage People to Bookmark Pages

You can retain your visitors again when they leave your blog by encouraging them to bookmark your site. Bookmark is also helpful when your reader want to see your content again and again. It will be positive point for you if you use social bookmarking icons in your blog posts.

Broadcast Emails to Your Subscribers

Email marketing is another way to create readers for your blog, you can either build your own channel or use any email marketing site for this. If your readers are limited then try manually sending them email or if they are increasing then try Feed Burner or A Weber like marketing apps.

Respond Over Readers Comments

Finally when you are satisfy with a lot of publicizing methods just respond over the comments and conversation of your readers. If any query is asked by reader and then try to solve them instantly. This creates an environment of activeness of your blog and reputation also increases in same line.

These things will sure help you to go ahead in the tough competition of blogging things.

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