The Guide to Acquiring a High Number of Followers on Instagram

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Social media marketing has become an integral part of business campaigning these days. Most of the business owners take advantage of the massive popularity of social media platforms, and they promote their business website through them. When it comes to the most successful as well as popular social media platforms, many will name Facebook and Twitter. However, you would find a lot of other social media websites too. Of course, they are not as famous as Facebook and Twitter, but they are entirely among younger generations of internet users. Such a popular and quite useful social media platform is Instagram.

Gaining massive business popularity through this social media website is possible. Many people would say that this social media platform is suitable for those businesses which deal with innovative concepts and products that are related to young people. However, this theory has no concrete logical base. Any company can take advantage of this social media platform and can promote their services or products seamlessly. Social presence matters these days, and you have to diversify your presence. Getting stuck on Facebook and Twitter would not help. You need to reach more and more people. For that purpose, other social media websites should be explored for business opportunities.


To gain success with social media marketing with Instagram, you need to focus on getting connected with more followers or fans. Now, some novice business owners often find it difficult to get more fans for this social media platform. With tactical as well as systematic approach, it is possible to find more Instagram followers. In the following section, a few tips in this regard have been furnished. Checking out these tips will help you to find more benefits for business marketing with ease.

1. Create an Informative Profile

Your first job is to create a profile with Instagram, and for that, you need to be careful. You should carefully add all the necessary information to your profile. In other words, the profile should be made complete with essential information. You need to add a small business bio, and then you can also add business website link. You need to add a profile picture and cover photo. The profile picture should be relevant to your business. It must represent your company as a brand. Preferably many people use the business logo as the profile picture for their social media profiles. That is undoubtedly a good thing. Promoting business logo is adding more value to your brand identity.

It is also important to enter details that are truthful. Publishing anything wrong or misleading is unethical, and that can lead to adverse marketing results. You should use a unique image for your profile cover. Using stolen content can lead to trouble. Profile information should also be unique. Copying business bio from others is not a good idea. You may take inspiration from others, but copying is unethical.

2. Posting Photos Regularly

Once you have opened an Instagram profile, you should not think that job is finished as this is just the beginning. Opening a profile and doing nothing will not fetch any good things for your business. You have to focus on posting creative and eye-catching stuff on your profile. For that purpose, you should put more time into social media optimization. You should make frequent social media posts so that your profile remains active. The active profile will attract more followers. Inactive profiles will inevitably cause lack of interests for followers. Thus, posting on a regular basis is essential.

3. Connecting Facebook and Instagram

Connecting Facebook and Instagram profiles is possible. Linking them is always beneficial. Whenever you post something on Instagram, your Facebook profile will update that automatically. That is a way of staying connected with followers in a better way. It surely helps for business promotional purposes. To promote your business, you need to find opportunities to get more popular with the fans and followers. That is undoubtedly a way of doing it. Moreover, your Facebook updates will help Facebook followers to join your followers on the Instagram profile. In this way, you shall obtain more followers for Instagram.

4. Share Infographics

Since Instagram is a platform for sharing photos, you should focus more on sharing pictorials rather than using text contents. Today, infographics are quite popular for business marketing. They are used for conveying benefits and use of a product or service. When products with innovative concepts are launched, buyers stay skeptic on their applications. With infographics, it is easy to make people understand how that particular product works and why this innovative concept related to the product is beneficial.

5. Use Hashtags Properly

When you post a photo on Instagram, never forget to add hashtags. These tags help your post to get trending. If your post keeps trending, it will reach more and more people. As a result, visibility of your profile shall increase. It is undoubtedly a prominent way of enhancing many followers for this social media website.

6. Regular Contents

You should post engaging contents on a daily basis to hold the attraction of the audiences and visitors. Make sure that contents are related to your brand. Sharing brand stories can make your bran more popular among the people. You can also post blogs which are associated with your brand. Do not compromise with the quality of the content. Always remember, content is the king, and you should always post high-quality contents to hold the attraction of your audiences.


In short, if you have recently started your business or planning to expand it, then online is the best media. With online social media platforms, especially Instagram, one can easily market his goods and services. Today, online marketing has taken a toll, and there is no reason why you should not reap the benefits.

This article is written by Harris. He is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. His articles include suggestions for gaining more followers for Instagram with ease.

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