The Effects of Weight Loss Surgery on Love Life

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People who are morbidly obese often have difficulties maintaining a healthy love life as well. This has been confirmed by numerous studies. This is actually down to two different elements. Firstly, because of society’s ideals, people are classed as less attractive. However, even if people look beyond outward beauty, it is often physically difficult to have a romantic relationship.

It isn’t just about getting a date, although that is an element of it, as said. Statistically, those who are overweight are less likely to be chosen for a partner. That said, since two thirds of our adult population is now overweight or obese, this is actually changing. At the same time, however, the media continues to portray an image of beauty ideal that is very thin. This is leading to many overweight and obese people being alone, despite there being plenty of single others.

However, even people who did manage to find a partner have certain issues. In many cases, their partner is also overweight or obese. Together, they often struggle with certain issues around finding happiness. It can be difficult to engage in physical movement, or to take on certain positions. As a result, keeping romance interesting and varied is quite difficult. It is also physically uncomfortable and people who are overweight or obese also often have certain health problems. The result is that romantic relationships are very likely to suffer.

Romantic Relationships After Weight Loss

Once someone has had bariatric procedures completed, they start to lose a significant amount of weight. This also means that they start to receive sincere compliments about their new appearance. Some of those compliments, however, are actually quite envious. On a psychological level, it is normal for people who have lost a great deal of weight to actually start looking for compliments, because it is the first time in their life that they feel good about themselves and to hear positive reports from others.

It is very important, however, to learn to have pride in yourself without the constant affirmations from third parties. You have made it this far, you have gone through the difficult surgery, you have lost the weight. You should be proud of everything that you have achieved, even if others don’t notice it.

The physical consequences are important as well. Women in particular often find that, as their weight drops, their sexual desire increases. This isn’t just because of the compliments and liking what they see in the mirror. It is because estrogen is released into the body when fat cells start to dissipate.

The fact that you will be able to move more freely means that you will be more likely to want to do so as well. Do be aware, however, of the fact that you are likely to have quite a bit of excess skin. Other procedures are available for this, so don’t let that destroy your newfound confidence. Instead, enjoy yourself and your partner if you have one, finally being able to engage in all the things healthy people can.

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