The Dangerous Trend of Using Adderall for Productivity

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Many people of all ages feel as though their schedules are too packed with responsibilities and obligations. The may get the sensation of racing through life from one activity to the next. Virtually any person is going to burnout in this scenario. When that burnout occurs, some people may turn to artificial methods of retaining and possibly even increasing productivity. If you have used Adderall as a means of increasing productivity, you should take a number of considerations into account.


1. You Need a Prescription

In order to take Adderall, you are supposed to have a prescription. Since the main purpose of Adderall is not to increase productivity, it is unlikely that you have a prescription if you are using it for these means. Therefore, you are illegally using a drug. In addition to the damage that you can do to your body, you may also find yourself in trouble with the law.

2. You Aren’t Taking it Under a Doctor’s Care

You’ve probably seen the warning labels that come on virtually every bottle of medication. Prescription pills often have more warnings or more serious warnings associated with them, which is why you are supposed to take them under the care and guidance of a doctor. Without this leadership, you may be engaging in practices that seriously hurt your body.

3. Your Body May Not Mix Well with the Pills

In fact, you may have a condition that makes it dangerous for you to take Adderall. By failing to follow the proper process when it comes to this prescription drug, you may be causing serious harm to your being. You might even be engaging in a fatal practice. Taking these pills could lead to your death.

4. You Might Overdose

Going to the doctor for a prescription also means you’re receiving instructions on how to take the pills properly. When you aren’t using them for their intended purpose and under their intended care, you might take too much. Even if the bottle says what the prescription amount is, you could become addicted and take so many pills that it leads to an overdose.

5. You Could Become Addicted

You may think that only positive effects can arise from a higher level of productivity. In the beginning, you might feel good. You may feel as though you’re finishing more in a shorter amount of time than ever before. This pleasing feeling can lead you to become addicted to Adderall, leading you into a vicious cycle of obtaining the drug and abusing it.

6. You Can Hurt Your Heart

Among the many problems that could result from using Adderall are issues with your heart. You may cause damage to your heart, which can, of course, lead to heart conditions or death.

7. People May Not Know to Help You

When you’re taking Adderall, you may not seem as though anything is wrong. Individuals may notice that you’re more productive lately, but they could envision that you simply motivated yourself to achieve higher levels of productivity. In other words, it’s possible that you won’t really display any signs of drug addiction. Loved ones may only recognize that a problem existed after it is too late.

8. Others Might Get the Drugs

In the event that people do realize that you’re taking Adderall, they might want to have the same feelings and increased levels of productivity. They may begin to take Adderall from you, which means that you’ve found yourself in a position with a person stealing illegal drugs from you. When individuals really want drugs, fights and other dangerous situations can arise.

9. Your Kids Might Take the Pills

You might be surprised to learn that plenty of young people know what Adderall is. Think about the busy schedules that they have. Many of them are quite stressed about doing well at school and in all of their extracurricular activities. Plenty of these young people also have jobs, yet their bodies crave sleep. As a result, they might take Adderall from you in an effort to stay awake for longer and to complete their necessary tasks.

10. You Might Lose Your Job

At some point, a boss or manager could find out that you’ve been taking this pill. Plenty of work places prohibit employees from engaging in the usage of illegal drugs. Therefore, you could end up losing your job as a result of your addiction to Adderall. For example, in an effort to become more productive at work, you could lose your source of income entirely.

11. It Might Inspire Other Types of Drug Usage

Perhaps you have always turned away from illegal drugs. Once you start to use this prescription pill, however, you are already in the world of illegal drugs. You might start to think that drug usage isn’t all that bad and begin to dabble in other drugs that are even more dangerous or that are entirely lethal when combined with Adderall. Taking this pill could lead you into a negative world that you never imagined for yourself.

Using Adderall to increase productivity is a serious action to take. This prescription is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is not meant to be used for other purposes. Therefore, you are abusing the purpose of the drug, and you are opening up the possibility of facing a huge range of other consequences.

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