Health Habits You Should Start Creating from Now On


Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try to change the comfortable patterns we have settled into. There is an old proverb that is helpful in this situation. “The greatest time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second greatest time is today.” Don’t waste another day without perusing our list here and incorporating … Read more

Sleep Deprivation: Everything You Need to Know

Sleep Deprivation

What is sleep-deprivation? Sleep deprivation is a common disorder among a considerable number of people around the world. Some people do not have enough time to sleep due to working long hours to fulfill their families’ responsibilities. Workaholic people always tend to neglect their sleep routine. Moreover, 51 percent of people claim to suffer from … Read more

Fitness Myths You Shouldn’t Believe!

Fitness Myths

You may have seen people doing something at the gym, or heard something talking about fitness in general, that goes against everything you’ve been taught. You may have also read articles in fitness magazines or other media that can even put you off working out. If this happened to you, continue reading. This article is … Read more

Not Enough Zzz’s Could Be Impacting Your Health and Fitness Goals

Not Enough Zzz’s

Between getting up early, working all day, fitting in errands and a workout, making dinner and trying to relax… going to bed early and getting 8 hours of sleep seems almost impossible. But when your goal is to lose weight or maintain your health and youth, sleep is far more important than you may think. … Read more

How to Get a Good Night Sleep for Better Health?

Good Night Sleep

Healthy sleep habits can spell out a major difference in the quality of life you lead. In fact, the act of developing healthy sleep habits is commonly referred to as sleep hygiene. Poor sleep habits may bear little impact at the very start, but in the long-run can result in major complications that can change … Read more