Health Habits You Should Start Creating from Now On


Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try to change the comfortable patterns we have settled into. There is an old proverb that is helpful in this situation. “The greatest time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second greatest time is today.” Don’t waste another day without perusing our list here and incorporating … Read more

How Walking Can Help You Live Longer


Exercise increases your life span. With stronger muscles, you become more flexible, thus making mobility easier. Exercise also helps to reduce muscle-related pains and problems. You can also avoid injuries by doing any physical activity. Studies have shown that walking can be a great way to exercise your body. Walking can replace heavy exercises and … Read more

Best Winter Meals

Winter Meals

Seasons affect a lot of things about humans. They dictate the fashion, psychological and emotional hues of people. During winter, you don’t wear fluffy and skimpy clothes around, you have to put on thick fabric if at all you are willing to see another season. Just as Winter shapes fashion sense during its reigns, it … Read more

Is Cardiac Ailment Generic?

Cardiac Ailment

What is Cardiac Ailment? Contrary to popular belief, cardiac or heart ailments extend much beyond the dreaded ‘heart attack’. Just like any other organ of our body, the heart, a delicate conglomerate of muscles and blood vessels, has its set of complicated processes. There can be many types of malfunctioning and infections in this tender … Read more

Did You Know That Yoga Can Be a Great Stress Buster?

That’s right! Apart from the host of benefits that accompanies with practising yoga, it is also a great way through which you can reduce stress. Yoga has been known to have a calming effect on mind and body and can help you to eliminate stress by empowering you to deal effectively with pressures of day-to-day … Read more