Tips to Help You Financially Prepare for a Sabbatical from Work

Financially Prepare

Taking a sabbatical from work is more common than you may think. There can be several reasons why a person chooses to take a sabbatical from work, ranging from pursuing higher studies to engage in humanitarian works and from health-based reasons to starting a business. However, it is crucial that you plan your sabbatical financially … Read more

Type of Hustlers Based on Your Financial Needs


Having an extra source of income is always a great thing to have. Whether you’re just wanting to pay down some debt or for a vacation, you can always put that extra money towards something to your benefit. In order to reach those financial goals, that sometimes means doing a few things on the side… … Read more

How to Plan for Different Financial Life Stages?

Life Stages

As you go through different financial stages of life, your finances and goals are in a constant state of change. For instance, your goals when you start working may change as you start a family or what’s right for you at the peak of your career may no longer be the same during your retirement. … Read more

Personal Priorities: How a Finance Degree Can Help You to Become a Master of Your Own Money?

Financial Freedom

Money makes the world go around, and as a result, society is highly reliant on the financial system. Finance touches everyone and everything; from the newly-wed couple needing to borrow some money to buy their first home, to large corporations needing to secure capital for a new venture. Understanding and utilizing the financial system through … Read more