Personal Priorities: How a Finance Degree Can Help You to Become a Master of Your Own Money?

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Money makes the world go around, and as a result, society is highly reliant on the financial system. Finance touches everyone and everything; from the newly-wed couple needing to borrow some money to buy their first home, to large corporations needing to secure capital for a new venture.

Financial Freedom

Understanding and utilizing the financial system through a degree such as a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance allows you to gain financial independence, gives you specialist practical skills and gives you countless opportunities in the future.

Doing a Finance Degree Provides You with a Large Income Stream.

Students who study finance are proven to have a high earning potential when compared to other degrees. Some might make the argument that just because a degree gives you the chance to earn more money, that fact alone doesn’t mean that it is automatically a worthwhile course of action. However, what a large income stream allows you to do is to gain financial independence earlier than your peers.

Financial independence is the idea that you are not reliant on anyone other than yourself. You owe no money to anyone. Without financial independence, it is extremely difficult to truly be your own master, as you are always waiting for someone to help you pay the bills. By being in the finance industry, whether as a financial planner or even through working in an investment bank, you will achieve financial independence earlier in life and have the ability to be a master of your own money.

Studying a finance degree allows you to have an understanding of the financial system.

Financial instruments and systems that govern them are highly complex, convoluted and are not intuitive at all. People often invest money into a system they don’t understand, and as a result are highly susceptible to becoming victims of the system, as opposed to masters of their own money. You need to understand finance in order to manage large amounts of money within the private and public sectors.

By doing a degree in finance, you can learn what is relevant and what is irrelevant, what is important and unimportant and how you can take advantage of the system to maximise any investments which you make within the system. The specialist skills you will gain gives you a massive advantage over other investors who lack institutional knowledge.

Studying a finance degree provides with countless opportunities in the future.

Along with institutional knowledge, the networks which you will develop whilst studying a finance degree, along with the intangible skills which you pick up while studying will give you an immense amount of opportunities in the future.

You could start your own business, as a sole trader or in a partnership, with the safe knowledge that you know how financial systems operate. You could become a wise investor and make money while you sleep. The opportunities are endless when you know how money really works in the real world.

A finance degree gives you financial freedom and independence. Not only will you earn a lot of money, you will know how to use your money wisely with the knowledge you will learn about the financial infrastructure which we all exist in. A finance degree can truly help you become a master of your own money.

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