Type of Hustlers Based on Your Financial Needs

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Having an extra source of income is always a great thing to have. Whether you’re just wanting to pay down some debt or for a vacation, you can always put that extra money towards something to your benefit. In order to reach those financial goals, that sometimes means doing a few things on the side… I like to call that your side hustle.


A side hustle is a means of additional income outside of your primary source of income. Some people wait tables as a side hustle or work in retail, but with a side hustle, the idea is to work smart, not hard. You’re already working a Mon-Fri job as it is… no need for added stress when you don’t have to deal with it.

Peer Pressure… Everybody’s Doing it!

According to U.S. News, Nearly 40% of Americans have a side hustle, bring in over $600 per month on average. Those numbers sound great, but with all the opportunities out there to make extra cash, there’s still not a lot of people taking advantage of it. It’s very “mind-boggling” to hear people complain about wanting to have extra money but don’t make any efforts to get extra money.

In order to really see your financial efforts, you’ll need to work your primary job, work smart with your side hustle, and find areas in your life where you can reduce your spending. If you can do all three of these things altogether, you will be able to reap the beautiful benefits of your financial efforts.

Let’s Get to it

So here’s the deal, if you can continue to work your primary job and find areas to reduce your spending, I’ll help you look at different types of side hustles you can consider. Let see what type of hustler you are based on your financial needs.

“Emergencies Only” Hustler

This type of hustler is a hustler who needs money NOW… ASAP, and will do whatever it takes to get it quickly. Your car needs tires or your rent is due next week and your pockets are Empty! If this describes your financial needs, then you, my friend, are an “emergencies only” hustler. Let’s see what type of hustle will get you money quick!

Donate Plasma

Donating plasma is just like donating blood. Your blood will be drawn and collected and will go through the process of separating your plasma from the rest of your blood components. The process usually takes at least an hour and you can make 2 donations every 7 days, but check with your local facility for specifics. Compensation varies depending on your location BUT you get paid the same day!

Sell Your Clothes/Accessories

One of the quickest ways to get money now is to sell your clothes and purses at consignment stores. Yes, there are apps where you can get a little more bang for your buck, but you are strapped for cash, so you have to do what you can! Take your clothes, purses, and shoes to your local consignment store to get money in your hand that same day!

Sell Your Gold

This is also a quick and easy way to make money on the spot. If you have any gold jewelry that you don’t wear or that is not of sentimental value to you, take it to a jewelry store to get appraised and see how much it’s worth. From there you can either sell it to the jeweler or you may have better luck at a pawn shop. Again… you’ll get money in your hand on site!

“Financially Stable” Hustler

For this type of hustler, you don’t need money right now. You make enough money to pay all your bills for the month but you still have some debts that have been weighing heavy on your conscious. High credit card and loan balances are keeping you from living your best life, so you’re willing to sacrifice some of your free time to change your financial situation.

Sell Clothes/Accessories on Poshmark

Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell your higher-end clothing items for a higher dollar amount. You’ll set up your closet and take photos of your clothes with detailed descriptions to entice your sellers. Since you’re not in a financial crunch, this method will work great for you.

“Might as Well” Hustler

A “might as well” hustler is one who doesn’t necessarily need a side hustle but you take one on anyway just because you can… it never hurts to have extra money laying around whether you use it or not…

Earn While You Play

This may make you scratch your head a bit but if you’re one who enjoys playing video games, this will be the perfect “not in a rush” type of hustle for you. Avid gamers participate in gaming tournaments all over the world and make nice chunks of money if they’re successful.

Now, this isn’t a quick money-making effort. This financial effort is fun but it takes practice. You will need the right gear to get good at this craft. You’ll definitely need a gaming mouse to beat your opponents and a headset to communicate with teammates in multiplayer games.

It’s not your typical method of extra income, but it sure is a fun way!