How to Be Professional on Facebook?

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is a social media platform that is meant to be fun and entertaining, but if you go overboard, you could be hurting yourself.  It is important for all adults to keep professionalism in mind at all times.  You never know who is looking you up online. Also, nothing online is every truly private. Your … Read more

Facebook also Introduces #HashTags Feature Just like Twitter

Facebook HashTags

HashTags were only used on Twitter platform, but now Facebook also introduces the same feature here on their platform also. Now users of Facebook can also use HashTags here just like they were using on Twitter from years. Now Facebook is too much serious about covering maximum market shares in social network world. Let’s have … Read more

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook Account

If you deactivate your account from Facebook it is just temporary hide your timeline only, it does not delete your account from there database. If you log in again to Facebook it will again restore your all information where you left it. Deactivation is temporary but deletion is for permanent. Once you delete your account from Facebook then you can … Read more