How to Choose Live TV Streaming Service for Your Home?


Live TV streaming is distinct from on-demand streaming. While Netflix and HBO Max offer on-demand video, TV streaming services combine previously shown content with live major network programming. Streaming services commonly mix local networks like ABC and NBC with national networks like ESPN, CNN, Bravo, and TV Land. Continue reading to compare streaming services based … Read more

Five Traits of Great Drummers


Most music groups would be lost without a drummer. These percussionists establish the rhythm and keep each set moving along smoothly. If you’ve just picked up drumming, it can be easy to get discouraged or distracted. Even if you’ve been learning for a while, maybe you haven’t experienced as much progress as you would’ve hoped … Read more

Top Careers for Those Who Love Water Sports

Water Sports

If you’re the outdoorzy type but grind 40+ hours away inside a tall building behind a computer screen maybe it’s time to consider how you could incorporate your natural love of the sea and maybe that kayaking addiction into your career (or a least an enviable side-hustle). SCUBA Diving Instructors Being a PADI SCUBA Divemaster or … Read more