How to Start a New Holiday Tradition with Your Family

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Many families have holiday traditions they celebrate each year when the Christmas season comes about. They watch certain movies, join church services, sing songs together, and maybe do a myriad of different things. If your family doesn’t currently have their own yearly holiday tradition it isn’t too late to come up with one.

This can be something fun that helps your family bond in a new way. It can be something that you’ll pass down to your children and they, in turn, will pass down to theirs. You just have to come up with a good idea and start doing it every year.

Pick a Favorite Movie

If you walk into some homes on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day you may find the TV set to one channel that is repeating a popular Christmas movie over and over all day, and they just might keep it on that channel the whole day. Find a holiday movie your whole family loves and make it a tradition to sit down and watch it together at least once in December. You could do this with several movies if you wanted to.

Try something different when you can as well, like listening to a special radio broadcast of the movie, or going to see it live by your local theater group. This allows the family to experience something they love in a brand new way and can add even more to the holiday bonding experience.

Be More Giving

Make Christmas time in your family about more than just giving to one another. Have your holiday tradition be that you sponsor a local family in your area that doesn’t have money for gifts or maybe lost their home to a fire. People suffer tragedies all the time, from job loss to the death of a loved one, and having a local family reach out to them during the holiday season could be the one thing that brightens up their lives.

You could also consider having your whole family volunteer at a soup kitchen for Christmas. Or maybe you want to visit a local nursing home and bring cookies and holiday decorations to those people that don’t get to go home for the holidays.

Start A Tradition At Home

You could simply start a new tradition right in your home, from decorating together to baking Christmas desserts together. The idea is simply to have something that your family does together during this time of year on a yearly basis.

Pop some popcorn and teach your kids how to string it to hang on trees in the yard. Make cut out cookies and teach your little ones how to decorate them. Make the Christmas spirit more alive in your home and have a little fun with your family this holiday season, and each one down the road.

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