Mexicans Working in America: A Brief Report

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Mexicans working in America represent a large range of professions.

When people come from Mexico to work in America, they often send money back home. There are a few professions and professionals listed below, and there is a look at how those people can send money back to their families south of the border.

Mexicans Working in America

Famous Mexicans Working in America

Famous Mexicans working in American include George Lopez, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Tony Romeo. Many of these celebrities still have family in Mexico, and they may well send money to their family members. However, the celebrity experience is an exception to the rule. Most Mexicans who are working in America are seasonal farmworkers.

What Does Seasonal Labor Happen?

Seasonal labor occurs during the harvest season throughout America. There are many laborers who come from Mexico, and they travel through America in caravans.

These caravans stop at large farms to help with the harvest, and they often stay in US government camps that are set up to help them.

The seasonal laborers are paid at each stop, and they often send money back home. These laborers could spend several months in America as there are many harvest seasons for different crops. These laborers could work from Florida to California and everywhere in between.

Plus, some of these laborers aim to be American citizens because they have gainful employment for the whole year.

How to Send Money Back to Mexico

Sending money back home is a big part of the Mexican worker’s story. Anyone can send money to family in Mexico using a transfer office or service. The transfer office can send cash to an office in Mexico where a family member will pick it up.

Money transfers can be done between bank accounts, and the transfers are secured by the transfer company’s computer system.

Every transfer incurs a small fee, and the bank-to-bank exchange rate is applied to each transfer. If you have been asked to account for these fees, you should ask the transfer company how much you will pay before sending the money. Choose the company that has the best reviews, and ensure that you get a receipt. The receipt helps you track the transfer.

Jobs as a Path to Citizenship

Many people start working in America as Mexican nationals because they might have a path to citizenship. There are many large companies that need manual labor, and they might sponsor someone who wants to become a citizen. Some workers will meet a partner, fall in love, and start a family.

If the Mexican worker comes to America with their immediate family, they might still want to send money to extended family members who are back in Mexico.

Sending money back to Mexico makes it possible for other family members to come to America. These family members might get a job working during the harvest season, and they could bring their immediate family members to America. This is a cyclical process that could help many people escape poverty in Mexico. Plus, an enterprising worker could continue to supplement the income of someone they love indefinitely.


Sending money to Mexico to support your family and friends is a large part of working in America.

Mexicans who want to come to American can find work during the harvest season, and they might become American citizens if they have big dreams.

These people could become famous actors and musicians like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, or George Lopez.

Plus, these people can bring their wives, husbands, and children to America by sending money back to Mexico on a consistent basis.

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