Latest Features of the Magical Microsoft Office 2013

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Have you ever wondered why Microsoft Office 2013 has been touted as the most special application? It is because Microsoft has determined the clever ways of achieving success by following the Apple and Google method. Google and Apple presented the users with the impeccable cloud storage. Microsoft came up with the same and incorporated it in Microsoft office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2013

And now you have the facility of saving your word documents, PowerPoint presentations and excel spreadsheets on the Internet and they will also be reached across from any place around the world. Isn’t it cool?

MS word is touted as one of the most used software among other variable packages that are attached with the office package. People have been in absolute awe with the MS Word, since the time it was released. Each and every document that you use is formed and edited by the unique Word processor, almost every time. The aspects that make MS Word so special and in-demand are the following:

The Full Screen Mode

So, do you feel perplexed with the bugging task bar notifications whenever you are working? Do not fret as they would not be on your screen anymore while you are utilizing the new and improved version.

Cloud Services

Now, you have the facility of saving all your documents and accessing them with ease from all over the world with a snap of your fingers. Moreover, you do not need any extra hardware like USB or CD that are imperative in transferring the documents.

Edit PDF Files

You now also have the ability to easily edit your PDF files by simply using Office 2013. Now, you are not required to buy any extra PDF editor to perform your work.

Video Feature

I know this will be quite unbelievable for you to fathom, but you have the privilege to embed all the documents in the Word file itself. Now, you can easily make all your documents eye-pleasing and reader-friendly by the feature of embedding the videos. You can make your documents more informative, attractive and presentable by embedding videos.

User Interface

The attractive user interface of MS-Office 2013 is all the more similar to the earlier version, just to make it more user-friendly.

Read Mode

Now, even the read mode is available for users. If you wish to read any documents, switch to read mode. It is very fast, comprehensible and it does not allow the user to edit the document, there are only reading privileges.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Updated Features

It is widely known as the best spreadsheet software. Its usage is inclusive in almost every listed school or industry where there is a special need of a certain amount of data processing. Graphs are also readily used for the purpose of data representation. In the corporate world, Excel formulas are taken into account to shape the work in an error-less and speedy manner. Let us find out what all is included in MS-Excel 2013.

Quick Analysis Lens

This unique feature changes the appearance of the graphs by making it eye-pleasing, easier to read and more attractive.

Auto Completion

Just like the replica of Google search bar, Microsoft Excel 2013 comes with the aspect of auto-completion. It automatically guesses the word that you are going to type as your search and provides you with numerous options of auto typing, which means not typing much, thus saving a lot of time.

Online Features

MS-Excel 2013 comes with a full-fledge package of mail-merge, thus making a hell lot easier to mail all the spreadsheets. Also, making you save and provide the spreadsheets with the help of the aid – using Sky drive.

Enhanced Features

MS-Excel 2013 has been introduced with different graphs and table’s enhanced features. There are also a variety of advance tools and graphs for the purpose of data representation.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 New Features

Now, Microsoft Outlook is used widely among a variety of clients these days. Even though, there are some objections and disappointment regarding the hard-to-comprehend software, but MS has solved that issue too. The new features of outlook comprises:

The New Interface

The new interface of Microsoft Outlook is quite clean and easy to digest and even configure. So, no doubt in saying that it is indeed very user-friendly and affordable.


As an added bonus, Microsoft has taken the calendar consideration seriously this time, which has improved the functionality remarkably.


The Synchronization too has been made quite easy to comprehend. You can easily synchronize the client with Hotmail, Gmail, Google App account and etc.

So, these are the new additions that have been introduced by Microsoft Office, they have proven to be effective, efficient and user-friendly. Hope you will be able to reap the benefits and improvise your professional skills and ease off the work burden.

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