Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

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With the variety of hemp-based cannabidiol or CBD oils in the market today, it is inevitable that you will also see a niche market for pets, specifically dogs.

As this is relatively new, there will be a lot of information that admittedly needed to be vetted before they get released on the World Wide Web.

Of course, you would want the best for your furry friends. So, the question is, are hemp CBD products safe for dogs?

First, one of the most common misconceptions regarding CBD is that it is another form of marijuana. CBD is one of the many compounds in the Cannabis sativa plant. However, it is not right to say a hemp plant. In actuality, hemp is a term that categorizes Cannabis varieties that do not contain 0.3% (or more) tetrahydrocannabinol.


The legalization of hemp as a result of the Farm Bill has contributed to opening the market for CBD oil for pets. According to data, the demand for hemp CBD products would have reached $125 million in three years. For comparison, the market was just worth $13 million in 2017.

The bottom line is CBD products will never make you “high”.

Unfortunately, for now, there are no sufficient studies to conclusively say that CBD products are 100% safe for dogs.

However, the American Kennel Club said there is plenty of anecdotal evidence from owners who swear by the efficacy of these products to relieve or treat a variety of ailments for their pets.

CBD Oil for Seizures

For instance, the Canine Health Foundation is running clinical trials to determine if CBD can help dogs suffering from epilepsy.

Dr. Stephanie McGrath, a veterinary neurologist, was tapped to lead the research. She said that current standard protocols are not very efficient in controlling the seizures. With the abundant anecdotal evidence, it is time to use science to quell all suspicions and doubts regarding CBD treatment for dog epilepsy.

The study is also significant because the results could be used to regulate the industry.

CBD Oil for Arthritis

Another use of hemp CBD products is pain management. Pet owners give their dogs a dose of CBD to relieve them of their pain from arthritis or other chronic ailments. Again, no study would support their claims.

However, as the legal stigma surrounding CBD was lifted, more and more people are using it. While the American Veterinary Medical Association has not given an official endorsement of CBD products, the group does not discount some of the testimonies about the efficacy. It is not that the association does not want to recommend to its members to administer CBD treatment. But it needs clarification first from the US Food and Drugs Administration concerning safety and efficacy.

With that said, holistic veterinarians are already experimenting with CBD products for selected conditions, such as arthritis, pain management, seizures, and oncology treatment.

There has yet to be a documented case where CBD oil has resulted in death or harm to pets. At the very least, the pet owner loses a few dollars if the product proves to be useless. But then again, you have hundreds of cases of owners who will tell you that their dogs are getting better sleep, standing up and walking around, as well as getting back to their old selves.

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