How to Use Twitter Bootstrap to Create Responsive WordPress Theme

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Twitter Bootstrap

All over the world, WordPress themes have earned a wide popularity. This platform plays a vital role in creating websites integrated with appealing templates and themes. For the sake of making WordPress more user-friendly, the Twitter bootstrap framework is used to build interactive applications and websites. This framework makes it simple to build a responsive and comprehensive WordPress theme. If you choose this bootstrap for your WordPress theme, then you do not require to begin your site from the scratch. An admin can change the various areas by installing WordPress plug-ins.

An Overview of Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Twitter bootstrap was created for the sake of enhancing workload of a website. It proved to be beneficial in improving the website performance by reducing the loading time. Some of the prime advantages of twitter bootstrap have been mentioned below:

Integrated with Easy Going Layouts that Make the Website Working Simple

  • Appears with simple codes as well as layouts for both WordPress Themes & HTML.
  • Plug-ins including Java with various components can be incorporated easily.
  • Interfaces such as alerts, pills and tabs come with simple style.

The Process of Implementing the Twitter Bootstrap Framework for Building Responsive WordPress Themes

If you want to begin the process using basic elements, you are required to go along with the following steps:

  • Download as well as unzip the Twitter bootstrap framework
  • Complete the process of installing WordPress
  • For testing the theme, install the plug-in
  • Apply bootstrap demo source code

After working on all the aspects, it is time to navigate the installed themes just by opening the WordPress directory along with the files. Once you succeeded to access the directory, you are supposed to make a folder and give it a name as WordPress Bootstrap and keep it in the Twitter bootstrap folder. You are required to create a file as well as name it as index.php after completing the process.

Now, you need to copy the source code via the web portal and place it in the index file, which has been created by you. After this, you will get the source code, which will allow you to create a fresh WordPress Theme using twitter bootstrap.

You can start creating the CSS page after getting a static page of HTML. A formatted WordPress commend is required before building a CSS page. This is because it makes use of Meta information regarding the theme and the website that you are using. You have already created a folder for index.php, create another folder with the name style.css because it needs a specific style.css name in order to work in a better way. Now, it is time to add file name in the comment box after creating the folder.

The Process of Installing the Fresh WordPress Theme Along with Twitter Bootstrap Framework

As soon as you complete the thorough process of creating folders and putting them in the bootstrap framework, you need to check the area of admin as well as install a fresh theme. It is good to check the look and themes that have been installed along with it after logging in the admin area. After beginning this process, you will notice that Twitter Bootstrap theme has been installed according to your selection. It is possible for you to activate the fresh themes after seeing the fresh WordPress theme along with Twitter bootstrap.

Conversion Process

You must be aware of the certain files that are crucial for the WordPress themes. These include:

  • sidebar.php
  • style.css
  • index.php
  • footer.php
  • header.php

It is necessary to make fresh file for WordPress theme created with bootstrap in order to avoid any confusion.


After building all the necessary files, the entire process becomes smooth in every manner. Now, you are able to own different files with different themes as well as names based on the Twitter Bootstrap & WordPress. Once you succeed to build a new WordPress Theme by using a Twitter bootstrap framework, you can expect to add fresh content and build navigation tools for the users to go along with the website.

Final Words

Hence, this post was a detailed process to let people learn how to use the Twitter bootstrap for the purpose of creating a responsive WordPress theme.

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