The 10 Types of Software Development

Software Development

Software development is a highly rewarding and in-demand field to be a part of today. It has even been declared as the best job in the United States, based on career reviews, salary expectations, and job demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that by 2026 employment growth in the software development field will … Read more

How Lawyers Can Use SEO to Improve Search Rankings?

An Attorney’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization The problem many lawyers and attorneys have when approaching internet marketing is they don’t know where to start. There are so many areas that need to be addressed and it’s often unclear as to which take priority. Is it content marketing, social media, paid advertising, web design? Well, … Read more

10 Useful Bootstrap Editors for Website Development

Bootstrap Editors

Bootstrap has become an important tool for web development, it is used as a framework in building websites with responsive designs. Its extensive libraries, customized components, plugins and add-ons smoothen out your entire website development process. Without help of bootstrap editors it is very difficult to develop a website or code scripts, in other terms … Read more

Incredibly Amazing Examples of the Best Responsive Websites

Weight Shift

The rising trend of responsive web design is likely to bring up a drastic change on how we develop websites in the near future. Very soon, people will head towards the responsive websites and won’t accept the solutions that just ignore mobile users. Therefore, mobile sites as well as dedicated web apps are still fair … Read more

How to Use Twitter Bootstrap to Create Responsive WordPress Theme

Twitter Bootstrap

All over the world, WordPress themes have earned a wide popularity. This platform plays a vital role in creating websites integrated with appealing templates and themes. For the sake of making WordPress more user-friendly, the Twitter bootstrap framework is used to build interactive applications and websites. This framework makes it simple to build a responsive … Read more

How to Design Your Website for Both Users and Crawlers

Design Website

This is rather difficult since Google is insisting you should be designing for the user only, but until they develop artificial intelligence then we are going to have to help out their search engine in some way. The new Hummingbird update reinforced this idea that traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still the standard SEO, … Read more

Most Incredibly Useful Resources for New Web Designers and Developers

Resource for Web Designer and Developer

“Design is the application of intent the opposite of happenstance and an antidote to accident.” – Robert L. Peters Stepping in to the world of design can be quite intimidating and exciting at the same time. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re facing that “creative block” with a lack of sufficient tools, resources and skills that … Read more