How to Properly Store a Violin Bow?

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Violin is an exquisite musical instrument that needs to be attended delicately. It is vital to the role of the owner to understand the sensitivity and uniqueness of this instrument. Thus, it is also their responsibility to ensure that their bows are properly taken care of and stored. Below are some of the considerations you need to take note of in maintaining the beauty and sound quality of your precious belongings.

Violin and Bow


When not in use, store your violin bow in a hard case that specifically prevents instrument damage from happening. It is best to leave the bow in the case and take it out for sun exposure from time to time. Another thing to take note of is mite infestation on bows. To avoid this from happening, air out your case in the sun for a few hours and this will get rid of any bow mites and let the bow breathe.

Environmental conditions

Your violin bow is composed of materials that influence its surroundings. In line with this, it is sensitive to atmospheric changes and environmental conditions. Extreme disparity in temperature and humidity may cause changes to your violin bow like expanding or contracting.

Avoid storing your violin bow in very hot or very cold areas. Imagine your violin bows as a living thing, like a dog or a person. You would not want them sweating in a humid place or freezing to death. But if this matter is inevitable, consider getting a room humidifier or moisture regulator to maintain stable room temperature.

Bow tension

Loosening the bow tension is one of the most essential things you could do in maintaining proper care for your bow. Slackening the bow hair prevents the bow from causing unnecessary tension that may lead to damage in the delicate camber or the vertical curve of the stick.


In most cases, bows do not need to be applied with the rosin when not in use. But there is a high risk of having to re-rosin it again. To do so, crush up rosin and apply it all over the hairs of the bow. This just does not make the application process smooth but enhances the sound quality of the violin.

Other precautions

Owning a violin bow is a serious responsibility. Never touch the bow hairs with your own fingers, little did you know, the oil could get to them and this could damage the hairs and would need to be re-haired which is quite heavy to the budget. Be careful about handling your bow, do not drop or hit them against anything, and make sure it stays loosened at all times when not in use.

Knowing how to take care of violin bows influences the learning process of a musician. The more you are invested in this instrument, the more you take interest to commit to this passion. A neglected instrument will not sound good, so it is significant to take measures to keep your violin bow in top condition.

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