How to Make Your Blogging Career Successful

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Blogging career is new option for those who want to earn by sitting at home, but really making your career successful in blogging industry little bit difficult. Just writing the stuffs is not called as blogging, publishing stuffs which has some valuable or helpful for your readers called as blogging. If you are the person who wants to attract visitors from search engines then you need to create dynamic stuffs.


Making your blogging career successful is easy task to do in minutes. You need to be self motivated and also capable to motivate others in way of your blogging.

Things You Need to Generate Yourself for Blogging

Blogging is not one day achievement, you need to establish continuity in your content production. So you need to create a base for your success that is itself your blog. Here are some tips to make your blog attractive to read and spread also.

Generate Impressive and Yet Unique Contents: Your blog is starts from the content stuffs, your stuffs has a power to generate future goal. Do not publish things which are already published by so many bloggers recently. Opt for new topics, cover stories which are yet new and public want to see it. Just bluffing is not blogging, you need to be a good writer with better experience on the topic what you are going to publish.

Make Your Blog Optimized for Search Engines: After generating content stuffs always see that is search engine following you. If not then do it first because you will lose the priority of your stuffs in search engine’s ranking. For better result submit your blogs to almost all the known search engines manually and fetch your new content’s link in search engines webmaster tools.

Submit Your Blog to Bloggers List: Submitting your links with bloggers list can help you in getting better ranks in search engines. Some of them also gives do follow links also which is also good for you to get positive numbers in Google page rank.

IndiBlogger, BlogEngage and other channels are created for getting response and bunch of traffic from other bloggers just like you.

Be Socialize Almost Everywhere : For quick response from your blog you can take advantage of social media network where you can spread your stuffs with your true friends and relatives. If you really want to get much from here then make yourself socialize almost everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest and major social networking channels can help you to spread your blog almost to everyone.

Never Fall in Love With Quick Programs : Many of newbie bloggers tried and suffering from the poor result of quick programs. Really there is no way to get successful in blogging industry unless you perform well here. Quick program does not increase your real exposure, it creates only an artificial success of your blog which is worthless. To make your dream successful never fall in love with such quick success programs, otherwise they will eat your all energy.

How to Turn Your Blog in Success

Achieving the success is not one day job, when you become an active blogger for your blog you will see little bit of response from your readers and this is your primary landmark of success. To go with ultimate success you need to be relaxed and follow these simple rules.

Blog in Success

Multiply Your Readers: A blog can get much from existed exposure when the readers are always increasing. You just need to encourage your friends to share your contents, widgets like Facebook share, Tweet this and Pin it can help you to get this. Another way is encourage more users from advertising on best channels like Google Ad Word where you have to invest certain amount for this. Never go with bulk and cheap advertisers who only gives traffic, follow them who really give something in return also.

Take a Break and Write for Others: If you published a well numbers of stuffs in your blog then try guest blogging. Guest blogging increases the reputation of your blog and you also receive back links with some new readers of other blogs. It will be good option for you if you find high ranked blog. Never post on other blogs who have fewer rankings and started newly, except when they have a better numbers of readers in their blog from beginning.

Make a Better Relation With Other Bloggers: If you are really good in friendship then make your relations with some of famous and professional bloggers, this is a key point to success. Disturbing other bloggers is not the way of making a good relation with other bloggers.

Promote Your Blog for Guest Articles: When you think you need more contents to maintain the continuity in your blog then you must opt a service for other bloggers and content marketers to submit their fresh and genuine stuffs in your blog. For this content you also need to allow them to keep links under the content as a return gift. You can set your rules here according to your need.

After all you just need to sustain the readers by regular posting and updating your blog. After some time your reader will play all the roles by sharing and promoting your fresh contents.

These all are the ways to make your blogging career successful forever.

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8 responses to “How to Make Your Blogging Career Successful”


    Yes atul, this is more than what i expected.Lots of intimation something that i missed.thanks for the share.keep going … 🙂

    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      Welcome Rekhilesh, I hope this might be something new for you.

  2. Warren Avatar

    Let me be straight forward here. This site looks really good & the contents is simply Awesome! I’m truly agree when you say we shall mix with other bloggers instead of being one alone because that enough is bring us to another level! Thanks for the platform! 😉

    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      Welcome Warren, I am happy that you found interesting part here. Thanks for appreciating my blog’s design.

  3. Ajay Kumar Avatar
    Ajay Kumar

    Hey Atul,
    This is really a great post from your side. Some points are very much right, like never fall for quick program and write for others. Although we know it from the first day but never implements them. And that is the reason why many among us failed and leave blogging.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      Welcome Ajay, I like to heard that you are also agree with our views and opinions regards to new bloggers.

  4. Adrienne Avatar

    Hey Atul,

    I agree with you for the most part about what you’re saying here but I also know that a successful blogging career may mean different things to different people.

    Now you say not to write about topics everyone else is. Well, you’re writing about a topic here that everyone else is so I’m a bit confused. I had this same thing being said to me when I started and that alone will scare people to death.

    I learn differently then others so I may read this very topic 10 times and not understand what the writer is trying to tell me. But I might read it for the 11th time and all of a sudden it sinks in. So you’ll have much more success when you’re just being yourself and sharing what you know in your own voice. Treat your readers like they’re your good friends and that alone will keep them wanting more.

    Although I believe that guest blogging is something everyone should do, I prefer writing my best stuff for my own blog. I do write guest posts but not many so I say if that’s a way you just want to get out in front of others then I say great but it’s not the only way.

    You definitely want to build those relationships with other bloggers. That’s what will benefit you a lot down the road. Trust me on this one.

    Thanks for the post and hope you’re enjoying your week.


    1. Atul Kumar Avatar

      Welcome Adrienne,
      I wish you learn more of blogging to get success. However blogging really is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if your target is clear and heart is supporting then success is in your hand.

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