How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Your Health?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD as it may be better known, seems to be in demand nowadays because the public is starting to see that there may be health benefits from using it. One product that you may be looking for is CBD oil. Before you shop around for some, check first what CBD oil is.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made up of extracts from the cannabis plant (or its cousin the hemp plant) which are then mixed with a carrier oil. The carrier oil itself could be coconut oil or perhaps hemp seed oil. CBD oil is just one of the many ways you can take a dose of CBD to help alleviate symptoms. The daily recommended dosage is 25 mg and should be consumed twice a day.


How You Can Find the Best CBD Oil?

Just like with other CBD products, CBD oil can be purchased off the Internet. But you should be cautious before buying anything online because:

  • You don’t know how much CBD may have been placed in the product. The US FDA has not regulated the content of CBD products yet so it’s pretty much a Wild, Wild West online. You may have to do it via trial-and-error at the start with yourself as the guinea pig. But that’s very dangerous, especially if you didn’t know you were allergic to the product.
  • Doctors are not yet legally authorized to prescribe CBD because there are no CBD products sanctioned by the US FDA yet.
  • The pricing of each CBD product is not yet standardized. Because people are not yet educated much about CBD use, the people who make CBD oil and other related products can pretty much charge what they want.
  • You can’t be sure where the CBD was sourced so you don’t know the safety and efficacy of each product being offered online.
  • You can’t be sure if there is actually any CBD in the products offered online. Scams abound nowadays so you need to be really vigilant so that you don’t wind up getting cheated.

Some websites actually list down CBD products and where they can be bought or where they are produced. You can also check pricing through those websites. So that can help narrow down the search for quality oils.

One way to find the best CBD oil is to ask friends and family, in case any of them have been able to find a reliable source in the past. (This is also how word spreads about great CBD products actually).

You can also ask your doctor if he or she knows a reliable source of CBD oil. Many doctors are starting to believe in CBD as a medical ingredient that can help relieve symptoms of various illnesses or disorders. There might even be support groups set up by doctors that may give counseling to patients who are relying on CBD treatments to relieve their symptoms. So your doctor may know where you can buy your CBD oil.

Check ads in magazines and newspapers. There may be reliable sources available there. They might also feature articles about CBD products and their sources. So your local library may have back issues of these publications that have CBD articles in them. Or you could try radio stations and TV broadcasting companies because they may have featured CBD related personalities who talked about CBD before.

Look for medical journals that may feature the results of studies on CBD and take note of the names of the researchers. You can write to the publication and ask how you could get in touch with the researchers for that study. Often, the publication will list down the researcher’s organization (ie. the university where the research was done) so that you can write to the researcher and inquire where they sourced their CBD.

You might also want to check with the US FDA itself because they may keep a list of safe sources of CBD, such as local farms that are legally allowed to raise hemp or cannabis on-site. The FDA might also know websites that are legitimately selling safe CBD products.

In addition, go to the embassies of foreign countries and inquire if they know of any sources of CBD products in their home country. This is worth a shot because there may be countries where CBD is more freely accepted by citizens and the government as a legitimate medical remedy. But check laws as well if you will be legally allowed to bring back CBD products to your home country.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try out CBD oil, your main concern will first be where you can find the products that you need. Naturally, you can buy your CBD oil from websites but there are some risks to that such as not being sure how much CBD is actually mixed in the product, not being to determine the safety and efficacy of your CBD purchase, not knowing where the CBD in the product is sourced from, and not knowing the fair price for that kind of CBD product.

If you are more discriminating, you can ask around among your friends and relatives if they know of any reliable source of CBD oil. Your doctor might also know of possible sources of CBD oil, and may even know of support groups for patients who use CBD (you can ask the patients where they get their CBD products). Magazines and newspapers plus radio and TV broadcasters might have a list of local sources of CBD oil too.

Medical journals may have published studies of researchers concerning CBD use so you can look for the contact details of those researchers and get in touch. You just want their source of CBD so there’s no harm in trying.

Even the US FDA is a good source of information about sources of CBD oil.

If all else fails, you can make inquiries at embassies of countries where CBD is sold freely and ask them to refer you to local sources of CBD. Just be sure you are legally allowed to bring back CBD oil products to your home country before you make any purchases.

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