How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy That Will Convert in Sales and Leads?

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Content marketing strategy can shape the sales numbers of a company as it directly impacts leads that come in as well as sales. Working with the sales team to help the quality of leads that are brought in is something that can be overlooked by management at a business. Far too many times the lack of communication between departments can lead to the team pushing services that might not yield a large profit. The best thing that can be done is for the content marketing strategy to be malleable in case of the campaign failing to convert in quality leads. Below we will discuss building a content marketing strategy that will convert to leads that will end in closed sales.

Content Marketing

Newsletters Can Help Keep Customers Updated

A monthly newsletter keeps a business in the minds of their customers while weekly newsletters can seem a bit overzealous. This is not the time to simply advertise all of the new services or products available during the month. These things can be mentioned along with some success stories of projects that have been completed. The newsletter can be the perfect way to put a face to a name in a section highlighting a specific employee. Those customers that deal with this employee after reading their employee profile might feel more connected to their account manager or customer service rep. Building this rapport via a newsletter can lead to clients signing extensions and new deals if done correctly.

Email Blasts with Special Offers

Email blasts with special offers weekly or monthly can help increase the speed of sales. This offer on a product or service a client was going to order anyway will help speed up the process of them making this transaction. A sale now is much more valuable than a potential sale that might not close for one reason or another. Daily email blast can be seen as spam and can even ruin a business relationship if it is not personalized. Find a copywriter with experience in writing email blasts as the right presentation of a deal can help in converting a higher percentage of sales. Test out a few different writers to see which writer best reaches the customer receiving the email blasts.

Educate Customers with Great Content

Educating customers whether you are offering SEO services or web hosting solutions is incredibly important. Creating the blog on the site into a resource for customer can help answer questions customers might have. The education of customers can also help the customer understand the benefits of purchasing a product or service being provided. Do not

Get Content Featured on Industry Websites

Getting the content of staff on industry websites can do a myriad of things. Not only will this help with the search engine ranking for the company but it can help establish the company as a thought leader in a specific niche. Encourage staff to be consistent contributors on industry publications as it reflects well on the company. If your staff isn’t apt to writing content consistently then having a content production company handle this can help. While your staff is not directly writing the content the subject matter and details can be provided in order to turn it into an engaging piece of content.

Work with the SEO Team to Help Shape Strategy

The SEO team should be consulted when it comes to strategy as they know what terms are being searched by people who are converting in a sale. This can help shape whether you put a majority of the budget into social media promotion, off-site articles, resource pages, or podcasting. Content and SEO go hand in hand more than ever in today’s world as great content generally has quite a bit of SEO value. Most of the time the content marketing team and SEO team are one in the same so make sure to create a data driven campaign with all of the relevant statistics possible.

Creating a content marketing strategy to concentrate on leads and converting sales will be different than building a brand. A few small tweaks can make a huge difference but it is important to track these changes to see how they directly impact ROI. Content marketing will continue to grow in importance as consumers become more discerning with the content they consume on a weekly basis.

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