How Addiction Affects Your Health

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Addiction can lead to death, but before it kills you it can do a lot of other horrible things to your body and your mind. Not only can drugs make you paranoid and destroy relationships, it can also destroy your liver and your kidneys.


When you’re an addict the last thing on your mind is your overall health. The addiction keeps your mind on whatever it is that you’re addicted to until you get help and learn how to heal. Here are some of the things that addiction can, and will, do to your health. Some things happen immediately, while others will happen over time.

Drugs and Alcohol on the Organs

Alcohol and drugs both pass through your liver and your kidneys, causing damage on the way through. Detox is one thing that can help clear these things out of your body and possibly give your organs a chance to work on healing themselves.

Alcohol abuse can lead to fatty liver, which is also called cirrhosis of the liver. It’s a slow and painful death. But a healthy diet and walking away from those negative things can help you live longer.

Smoking and Your Lungs

If you’re addicted to nicotine, you’re damaging your lungs in a big way. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid getting cancer, you could still get other illness. You may suffer breathing problems in general, or you could end up with COPD.

You’re also coating your lungs with tar. Nicotine is not the only bad thing in cigarettes. Take a look at the ingredients, you’ll be shocked.

Food and Your Weight

Food addiction is definitely a thing, and it can be very bad for you. Even if you’re not suffering from something like bulimia, which can damage your esophagus, you still are at risk. Overeating on a regular basis can lead to obesity, enlarged organs, and problems breathing and even moving.

If you’ve eaten soo much that you have gained a good deal of weight and don’t get around much, you also risk bedsores, which can get infected and cause the need for amputation if gangrene sets in.

Toxic People and Your Mood

Any kind of addiction can lead to having the wrong type of people in your life. Toxic people not only keep you on that negative path, risking your health, but they can also cause issues with your mood, your family, and even your job.

Your good health depends not only on living healthy and eating healthy but also on having the right people in your life that help lift you up. Toxic people do the opposite, the pull you down. They can cause depression, anxiety, blood pressure issues, and they could even lead to your demise if they are pushing your bad habits to their extreme limits.

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