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  • Break Your Smartphone Addiction with These Tips

    Break Your Smartphone Addiction with These Tips

    Your smartphone gives you a direct line to friends, family, coworkers and even complete strangers around the world. With so much stimulation at your fingertips smartphone addiction can be a real problem. How do you take a break from the constant bustle, conversations and instant gratification of your smartphone? Here’s a guide for those who […]

  • How Addiction Affects Your Health

    How Addiction Affects Your Health

    Addiction can lead to death, but before it kills you it can do a lot of other horrible things to your body and your mind. Not only can drugs make you paranoid and destroy relationships, it can also destroy your liver and your kidneys. When you’re an addict the last thing on your mind is […]

  • How Addiction Affects Your Life and How to Move on from it?

    Addiction, no matter what it is that you are addicted to, can have a profound effect on all areas of your life. First of all, it’s important to understand that addiction isn’t just a behavioral problem. It may begin, for some, as an experiment or a way to rebel, or even as a way to […]