9 Instagram Tips You Should Know and Follow

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Are you starting on Instagram and wondering how you will get to your first 500 followers while you have been stuck with 20 in 2 whole months? You are probably not doing things in the correct way or are short of ideas on how to go about it. Unless you are a celebrity, getting even 100 followers in the normal way will take you at least 3 months. With these tips, you can do it and hit hundreds of followers.

Great Profile

Remember Instagram is generally for the under 30s, so be cool or you will be passed over. Post the best picture you have and apply filters if necessary. If you are a business, get a photographer to do professional photo shoots of your products and people. They say a picture is a thousand words so make a lasting first impression.

Great Photos and Content

It does not matter if the photos are yours or your friend’s. Just do not stalk, appear creepy, or post photos without permission. Post photos that are eye candy. You know of beautiful people who are comfortable with taking pictures with you? Do it. Remember Instagram is all about who looks coolest.

Auto Services

There are useful tools to help you manage your likes and followers. Use Instamacro, for example, and you will be amazed how fast you can get followers hassle free. These services will also help you analyze if your campaign is working in the case you are doing a social media campaign.

Follow and Be Followed

People are naturally inclined to be grateful to those who do good to them. Like photos and post flattering remarks and soon you will have loads of Instagram followers who follow you from sheer gratitude. Stroke those egos and grow.

Keep Posting

Be vibrant and energetic. Instagram fans will forget about you in a hurry if you post far in between. Try to post at least 3 times a day. If you have nothing original to post, just keep commenting on what has been posted. Getting engaged in your followers’ posts is a good way in keeping them faithful.

Share from Other Social Networks

Do you have active accounts on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter? Post your content across the networks to engage your fans on all the social networks. This might interest some who were not on Instagram to get on it and follow you.

Be Scandalous

This works mostly for celebrities and you will have to be careful with it if you are a business. Posting racy photos will keep your followers talking and attract more. You can work out with a friend to ‘leak’ some naughty photos, which is guaranteed to drive massive traffic to your posts.

Hot Trends

Keep note of hot trends as soon as they come up. Comment and be engaged with the crowd, some of whom will notice you and check you out.

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  1. Healthy Brain Avatar

    Nice post. I have been reluctant to get on Instagram but I guess the time has come, good tip on the automation tool. I’ll have to check that out.

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