8 Errors When Writing Landing Page Titles

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A landing page is the page that a link points to. It works like this – a link is installed somewhere and it points to a web page. A link is a piece of programming code that is installed on computers. It directs a web browser to go to a different web page (URL) when it is clicked upon. The link may be a textual advert, video advert, or image advert, or just a plain link or text link. The link is rarely a standalone entity; it is usually attached to an advert or some sort of link text (anchor text).


The link will point to a URL, which is a web page. That URL is the landing page for the link. A landing page can be any page if it is linked to. A link is often referred to as “pointing” at a landing page. The landing page title should answer or reference the information on the link. Here are eight errors that you should really avoid when writing landing pages.

1. Writing as a Seller and Not a Buyer

This is a big mistake that lots of people make when they optimize websites for keywords and targeted links. You have to remember that the person viewing your page is buying from you. Start with the keywords, for example, people will search for the keyword “buy” as oppose to “sell” or “selling” or “sale.” People don’t search for “shoe sale”; they search for “buy shoes”. Put yourself in the position of a customer visiting your landing page, and think of the terminology they are going to want and expect to see.

2. Not Answering the Question that Was Posed in the Link/Advert

This may be the dumbest mistake that marketers commonly make. Try to understand that people click on your advert or link for a reason. Your landing page needs to address that reason, and that reason is always a question. For example, if they clicked your advert then their question is “I wonder if this offer is suitable for me/wonder if it is real.” If they clicked from a link then their question is “I wonder what use I will get from this website.”

3. Not Making them Descriptive Enough

The title is supposed to tell people what the landing page is all about. It is silly to assume that the reader clicked your link whilst fully understanding what your landing page is going to be about. Your title cannot be some big gimmick or enticing word or tag-line, because people won’t put up with it. You think it will make them read on out of curiosity, but it will just make them leave the page in frustration.

4. Making Them Too Big for the Screen

The title of the landing page should be big, but there is a limit. If your title is too big then it is going to smell of over promotion and put your potential viewer off. If it if too big it may also not fit on mobile phone screens, which means you are going to lose your mobile Internet audience.

5. Not Including Keywords in the Title

Your title needs to have at least one keyword in it, and if your title is descriptive enough, then at least one keyword should occur naturally/organically anyway. For example, if your landing page is selling dog leads, then the word “dog” or “lead” should surly appear in the title at some point anyway. If it does not, then your title is not descriptive enough.

6. Including Keyword But Jimmy Rigging Them into the Text

This is when you try to add in your keywords into the title but they are squeezed in and do not fit correctly. This happens when you try to add in awkwardly phrased keyword. It makes it so that the title doesn’t flow correctly. For example, the keywords “estate agents Boston” may be jimmy rigged into a title such as “The best estate agents Boston area.” As you can see by that example, the title will not flow correctly and look silly.

7. Forgetting that You are Writing in Order to Convince/Sell

Your title should follow the ABC rule (Always Be Closing). Your landing page has a purpose and a point, and your title should compliment that point so that you sell your idea/product or achieve your goal by the end of the landing page.

8. Differing it from Your URL Wordage

If your URL has keywords in it that are related to your landing page, then the title should have one or more of those keywords too. This will help your search engine optimization, and will help to maintain a clear landing page message from start to finish.

These are the 8 big errors which you do generally in writing landing page titles, so it is better to avoid happening of these mistakes.

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