Why Cloud Integration Services Should Be Turnkey

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Cloud Integration Services

The Possibilities

If you want to maximize your potential profit, you need to find a balance between burgeoning technology and the cost implementation. Since computers have been invented, there are very few who pine for the days when all the data in a hard drive required storage on an entire floor of a building. There are few who want to trade in their Honda for a horse and carriage.

Cloud computing is to conventional infrastructural integration programs located in-house what the car is to the horse and buggy. It’s a natural upgrade that is sweeping businesses because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness which silhouettes it. For an idea of the sort of cost-savings which come from cloud solutions, just consider the cost of an in-house server array.

If you’ve got an array of thirty servers, you’ve got to pay for the servers, their maintenance, their upgrades, and those who perform such maintenance and upgrades. It ultimately requires an additional department, and the infrastructure involved with such a department.

With the cloud, you can outsource all that, retain the same speed, security, and software processing capacity, all while saving substantial assets which can then be devoted toward progressive operations. This ultimately yields more profit, more expansion, and ultimately represents an upward spiral. Bottom line: cloud computing solutions save money.

All that while cloud solutions continue to increase their positive impact in a technological sense. This cutting-edge tech can be immediately applied to users through hosted solutions, and the cost of the upgrade is absorbed by the subscription expenses which already represent a decreased operational cost.

How to Cost-Effectively Integrate

There are even more savings available with the cloud through integration solutions. Certainly, you can integrate your cloud with your own tech people, but this is ultimately a very involved undertaking.

Integration of cloud applications is costly and complicated, representing substantial resource and time investment when entirely conducted in-house. But According to Liaison.com, an integration Platform as a Service, or iPaaS, that operates as a turnkey service provided through the cloud: “…frees your IT organization from the non-strategic work of integration.”

This means that following such solutions allows you to entirely excise the stress of regular cloud support requirements from your day-to-day operations. It’s the difference between doing repairs on a vehicle yourself or taking it to a mechanic.

The distinction here is that no matter how skilled you may be at working under the hood, you’ll always spend more when it comes to tech solutions. While changing your own oil may cost you half as much for twice the time, in-house cloud integration will double cost and time and is only really feasible if you’re working with information of the strictly classified variety.

Additionally, there are hybrid cloud options which allow you to retain sensitive in-house data while combining regular operational needs into a hosted service, giving you the best of both worlds.

The possibilities are extensive, the savings are astonishing, and the advantages are rolling out like water over the falls of Niagara.

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