Can Online College Degrees Get You a Job?

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Do You Have a Bachelor’s Degree? It is Not a Guarantee of Anything, and Here is Why

You might have earned a bachelor’s degree through an online course. However, that is not going to guarantee you a job once you get through with college. Why not?

Online College Degrees

1) Everyone Has One Nowadays

It used to be that a bachelor’s degree is the achievement every college student works for. That might have been then, but not anymore.

The job market is saturated with people who have one. Job applicants who are qualified and overqualified are turned down regularly.

It is still a requirement, do not get me wrong. However, earning a bachelor’s degree does not mean today what it meant 50 years ago.

You are considered someone if you have at least a Master’s degree in something, maybe even a Ph.D. You might have a pass into the adult world with one, but you need to shoot higher.

2) Not an Expert

Say, for example, you took one of those online courses and majored in finance and accounting. You are not going to be ahead of the crowd. What does happen is you know the basics, that is all.

You are going to be ahead of those who did not take “Business Management” or “Accounting 101.” That is all. You are a beginner, someone who is there to learn more about how money works in the real world. You are not a master. Do not act like you are. The real world will show you very quickly how low on the pole you are.

3) What it Tells Someone

That piece of paper will show a prospective employer that you know enough to get by. You have to show them what you are capable of. That paper is not going to show the guy or girl if you have any experience. They want to know you have worked in your field of study before.

That piece of paper is a great start, but you have a long way to go before you prove your worth.

4) Good at Tests

You might have aced every test in the class, but do you have common knowledge? There is a difference between being book smart and street smart. Your boss wants to see you have both in you.

I had street smarts long before I had a college degree. I have both working for me, luckily. The one thing that paper does not tell someone is whether you can handle common workplace issues.

The world is filled with highly-educated people who cannot find work. What makes you different?

5) Are You a Child or an Adult?

The soft skills are not taught in the online classroom. The online classroom is for technical skills and theory.

It is not going to give you a free pass to live larger than life.

Degrees come a dime a dozen these days. You need to prove who you are and what you are capable of. The real world is not a place for babies. That is one thing the schools will not teach you. The real world is a different kind of beast compared to the classroom.

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