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Increase Productivity

Ever wonder whether you’re using the right tools for your blog?
Here is a check-list of essential tools to grow the blogging life of your blog.


The way technology is changing its way, the things we do turns out to be amazing. Evernote is one of the most important features of a blogger. It is used to create tasks, for those who like to have or use a separate to-do app, here is a very moderate way to create new tasks and to organize blogging content all within Evernote.

One of the foremost advantage of using Evernote is you can stock any interesting article or blog post and even ideas of blogging to your Evernote by using its web clipper option so that you can read those articles later.

Zen Writer

If your job demands writing or editing, perhaps you need a word processor to get it done. Zen Writer is a flawless text editor for those people that need absolute calmness to concentrate and it authorize you to write your documents in a very relaxing environment. It brings the new full screen approach and now we don’t need to use any other tool or website to examine the content length as it shows the word count in real-time. It really makes your life easier.

Last Pass

LastPass has become the significant tool in our day-to-day life. It is an autonomous online password manager and Form Filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure. It is accessible as a plug-in for different web browsers.

And now whenever you need to create an account or login to any web account you can use this outstanding tool as it remembers all your usernames and passwords.

DropBox or Google Drive

DropBox or Google Drive, both of these are the blogging tools that gives you an instant file hosting service and permits you to save your files in one place and then you can access that file to all of your devices you set up including your desktop, laptop, smart phone, and tablet. Besides it is an easy way to share files with other people.

Pic Resize

It is a super-cool blogging tool that lets you to resize, shrink and crop the images that you use in your blog. Pic Resize is an essential tool that enables you to resize your picture, reduce its file size without lowing down your picture quality and also gives you fascinating customization options for your pictures.

Buffer App

It is an excellent and a standalone scheduling tool with many useful features. It helps in spreading smartly scheduled updates to your social networking sites. Just you need to set your publishing time and it will update your social profile automatically. Preferably, this is a great tool for people that don’t have enough time to spend updating their social profiles.

Strip the Blog

A simpler and more powerful web based tool used to search your blog competitors. It allows you to put a blog URL and then it shows up the top-most articles shared on social media.

Credit: This post is written by Gulam E Mustafa on behalf of WebHostingAnalytics.

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