Bitter Truth of Buying Twitter Followers

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Twitter is the best and highly recommended social networking site for brands and personality. Every businessman, celebrity, web owner, blogger and even popular coming boys and girls also use twitter to send their every single status on twitter. People like to share their tweets on twitter and follower follows their every single tweet if they like your quotes. In beginning most of low popular people tries to buy twitter followers which is seems good to have but there is bitter truth of buying twitter followers. Let’s us discuss more about bitter truth of buying twitter followers.

Bitter Truth of Buying Twitter Followers

What is twitter, why to use it? The answer is twitter is social network site to update your every single status whatever happening near or with you. If you come to point of its usages then twitter helps you to grow your business, customers, goodwill and reputation and even fan followings also.

The sweet truth of using twitter is that you can boost your business name and profit multiple times. Today bloggers and webmasters using twitter for growing their web traffic which is proven technique. But if could not generate your free followers by attraction then never go for purchasing twitter followers because it has effects and also side effects, let’s see what are effects and side effects.

Good Effects of Buying Twitter Followers (Advantages)

  • You will drive with so many followers which are unexpected. No one can generate such a huge fan following overnight without performing national or international level skills.
  • If you have a blog and website which is owned by you then you will sure get some traffic and positive response for a short period of time on twitter.
  • You can have a short term chance of sustain good position in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEPR (Search Engine Page Rank) and in Social Media Reputations.
  • You can attract real followers also by showing your large numbers of fan followings.

Side Effects of Buying Twitter Followers (Disadvantages)

  • Your followers may be a Robot or none more than untargeted follower, so no worth of having such followers because they are neither real person who is seeing you nor interested people in you.
  • People will follow you by seeing the numbers of follower but easily unfollow you after sometime if they feel that they have mistakenly followed you for no reason other than fan followings.
  • Your published tweets may be followed by users but not seen by the users because they only help you in growing links which you spread in your tweets not in creating a good relationship and connection.
  • You will only waste you money and time only nothing more than that.

How Buying Twitter Followers Schemes Go Harmful

Site places for buying twitter followers are made only for scamming and exploiting people, they earn by motivating you in overnight dream for some amount of money. Many people easily fooled by such easy tricks and buy the subscription and promote nothing more than a scam only. It is better have less followers who does care you rather than having many followers who doesn’t care about you.

Twitter is a great social networking site to spread your quotes, news and releases. It’s better to make it limited organically safe never fall in love with such an automatic bots, which showed you an overnight winning dreams. Be organic and get organic.

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