6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee at Work

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People from all over the world love having coffee. Many of us can’t start their day without having a hot cup of coffee.

The population of coffee drinkers is quite high. There is a reason that we have so many coffee shops available all over the globe.

Coffee though seems like a simple beverage, but a whole lot of variety and brands of coffee are available in the market.


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Coffee, when taken in a permissible quantity, can be highly beneficial, especially at the workplace. Many employees depend a lot on coffee as far as their productivity at the workplace is concerned. Whether it’s the work pressure, stress, or tiredness, a cup of coffee can do the magic. Well, conditions applied, it needs to be a good cup of coffee.

Here are six reasons why to have coffee at work.

1.Keeps You Alert & Active

Caffeine present in coffee keeps you active and alert.

It is considered as a natural stimulant. Though caffeine is present in numerous products, however, its quantity in coffee is quite considerable.

Coffee act as a booster for our central nervous system. This keeps you awake, alert, and productive during working hours.

Studies have shown that coffee intake enhances our metabolism. An increase in metabolism results in an increase in the burning of fat. This further results in a healthier body.

An active and healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

2.Improves Productivity

Various researches have shown that the intake of coffee helps in increasing productivity and efficiency at your job.

Following World War II, a new trend started among the working people. It is the trend of a coffee break. A coffee break creates a platform where employees from the same or different departments can share and discuss official and personal experiences.

A 2010 study conducted at MIT has shown that staff members who take a coffee break at the office have shown a tremendous increase in their performance at the office. An increase in employee productivity increases the overall productivity of the organization.

3.Helps in Reducing Pain

People working in the IT sector, customer service, etc. spend a lot of their office time on their desk, which is not considered healthy thing for body.

Prolonged sitting in one position might result in muscular pain. This is one reason that desk job employees often suffer from back-related issues.

Several studies have shown that drinking coffee during work hours help in reducing muscular pain caused due to sitting in one place for several hours. Hence, based on the study, caffeine can be considered quite effective in reducing pain. Or you can try getting an acupuncture therapy.

4. Reduces Stress

An inadequate night’s sleep or lack of sleep can result in stress. In such a situation, the aroma of a hot cup of coffee calms our mind and relaxes our body. Stress is harmful to our physical and mental well-being. Stressed employees fail to focus on their job. This reduces their productivity.

Studies have shown that caffeine helps in reducing stress, which is caused due to sleep deprivation. When exposed to the aroma of the coffee, it stimulates specific proteins that help in protecting neurons from getting damaged. The following study was conducted on rats.

5. Socialize More

People at a coffee vending machine or sharing coffee from a coffee pot allows an employee to talk to fellow employees. Besides having coffee from the same vending machine, employees also share their thoughts and can speak to each other. Hence, allowing employees to socialize outside their office desks, departments, or even floors.

Big companies or organizations have different departments. The staff of the marketing team might not get a chance to talk to the staff in the sales department. During coffee breaks, employees of various departments can meet and talk to each other.

Talking to fellow employees helps in forming a bond and better understanding between employees. Employees can even make new friends while having a cup of coffee. Having friends at work would keep employees happy. Happy employees tend to perform much better at their job.

6. Helps you Live Longer

Coffee has lots of health benefits. Drinking coffee in a moderate amount helps an individual to live a healthy life. Healthy people tend to live longer. Researchers, through their studies, have found that the amount of coffee intake and the risk of dying are interrelated. People who consumed coffee have shown a lower risk of dying as compared to non-coffee drinkers.

Be it an employee or the employer, they all share one common goal- having steady growth. An employee looks forward to earning a bonus, incentives, or a promotion. To grow at the workplace, an employee needs to give his/her 100%. For this, employee’s alertness, focus, activeness, etc. matters a lot. A cup of coffee can be your key to success. Higher productivity will increase the chances of growth in your workplace.

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