6 Natural and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Hay Fever

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The spring onset is a chance to see changing of the seasons and a lot of pollen in the air. However, it’s a dreaded time of the year due to hay fever.

There are various symptoms to identify hay fever. They include frequent sneezing, itchy throat as well as watery eyes, among others.

Hay Fever

You can seek medical help to get the best treatment.

However, there are other natural ways to manage a condition.

They are as follows.

Biotin for Hay Fever

Here is a B vitamin that assists in maintaining a healthier function of the mucous membrane. The membrane gets found in the tear ducts, noses, sinuses as well as throat.

You must try to eat more nuts as well as green leafy veggies. As they are rich in vitamin B., you can also try taking the supplements that have biotin.

The supplements dissolve under the tongue almost immediately. Thus, it works quite fast at dealing with hay fever as the minerals rapidly get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Herbal Tea

Some herbs have natural antihistamine effects. You can decide on taking green tea, anise, elderflower, peppermint, ginger, and chamomile tea. It will limit the impact of allergic rhinitis.

You need to sip either of the herbal tea throughout the day. It’s also an effective way to stay hydrated.

Local Honey

Consuming local honey is quite beneficial. It minimizes the effect of allergic rhinitis as it exposes an individual to similar pollen.

If you enjoy taking honey, you are assisting your body to build a natural resistance towards hay fever. You need to source for local honey in local independent health stores to get the real deal.

Consuming Garlic

Here’s one of the most underrated foods that can assist in blocking the production of histamine. Garlic can soothe an individual who is experiencing hay fever signs.

You must try incorporating garlic into the daily meals.

Two raw cloves can minimize excess catarrh, commonly referred to as a stuffy nose. Garlic has antioxidants thus you ought to have them a top-notch supplement.

Eat Fish

Fish has omega fatty acids, which are essential for having a great and healthy immune system. The first stage of any immune reaction is developing an inflammatory response.

Fish oil has vital anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, combats any reaction. It’s also efficient in boosting one’s overall immune system.

Take a Shower During the Night

There are times when hay fever can make one tired as well as puffy. You need to switch your hair washing routine from morning to night time.

It will assist in getting rid of any pollen which may have found its way to your hair. Thus, you would have a terrible night while sleeping. It’s a chance to say goodbye to puffy eyes in the morning.

Treating hay fever using home remedies is quite simple. However, there are times when one may stop to wonder. Is it hay fever or just a typical cold? It is because they have almost similar symptoms.

You must contact a medical specialist at DrFelix who can help you in case of allergic rhinitis. Get the medical opinion to cure the right condition.

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