5 Reasons LSAT Prep Books Help You Study Better for the LSAT

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LSAT refers to the Law School Admission Test.


This exam is an indispensable requirement you need to comply with if you’re planning to proceed to law school.

This standard law school entrance exam is administered to test students’ persuasive writing, critical reading, as well as their logical and analytical reasoning skills, which are vital in surviving law school.

While many students are daunted by the idea of having to take the LSAT, it’s one, however, that’s doable. Nothing is ever impossible if only the right preparation is given. One of the best ways to prepare?

Finding the right books to help you study. Here’s why:

1. Sharpens Your Mind

When you’re looking for resources to use as you prepare for the LSAT, don’t underestimate the power of books. While there are many reading materials that you can find online, nothing beats the accuracy of LSAT prep books. These have gone through a rigorous process of writing and editing. When new versions come up every year, these are also updated based on the previous statistics and frequently asked questions.

With that being said, LSAT prep books can help sharpen your mind. After your prep course sessions, don’t just stop there. If there’s anything that you need to brush up on, studying with the books will work to your advantage. Through these books, your brain is also stimulated. You’re sharpening it by continually feeding it with more information. Not just information, but reliable and accurate legal information.

2. Fosters Better Understanding and Comprehension

Every student has a unique way of studying. Some are already experts at studying through gadgets, but, still, nothing beats flipping through the pages of LSAT prep books.

Also, the mind can better comprehend readings when you write things down, as well as when you take notes and highlight pertinent facts manually. All these are possible when you have these books with you.

With LSAT books, it’s also so much more convenient to flip through physical pages to find information that you’re looking for. Also, during your prep course sessions, it would also be more effortless to write down any additional chunks of information that your professor may provide you. Therefore, make sure you work hard at school, and make sure you study using a top-rated LSAT course, so you get the grades you need.

3. Increases Your Vocabulary and Grammar

LSAT prep books aren’t just laden with questions per se. Here, you can also find a barrage of words and terms that you may already or may not entirely know about. Additionally, these books have gone through a rigorous process of editing, which means that the grammar is pristine.

Through these books, you can learn a thing or two about enhancing your grammar and vocabulary; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. By employing LSAT prep books in your studies, not only are you addressing possible questions that will come out in the exam, but you’re also improving your grasp of the English language.

Such a thing is very important as the LSAT also comprises sections that test your grammar. You don’t just answer multiple-choice questions. There are also essay questions designed to test the logical reasoning, and also to determine your proficiency in writing.

The scoring system regarding essay questions isn’t just dependent on whether or not your argument is strong enough. A bulk of it also has to do with your command of the English language.

After all, this is also a skill that’s very important in the legal profession.

4. Helps You Focus

When you’re studying from a gadget or your laptop, it’s easier for you to get distracted. There are web pages and social media sites that you can easily access and open. Not only does this take away precious study time from you, but it also may only add up to your stress and depression.

For instance, you may open your social media account and see a photo of your peers studying. That puts added pressure.

Or, you may see a friend going on a holiday, which will make you question yourself why you are in your room studying instead.

Studying from LSAT prep books helps you focus more. When you read a book, you become so immersed in what you’re reading that you forget whatever’s stressing you out.

Also, you go to bed at night feeling more relaxed because you know that you’ve covered every single topic you need to study for a specific day.

5. Improves Your Memory

Reading from your book, even just thirty minutes to an hour a day, is effective at improving your memory. It’s like giving your brain the regular exercise that it needs to stay active. Reading and studying stimulates brain activity, thereby improving retention, too. You’ll be surprised at how much attention you can give in the next course session, all because you’ve spent some time reading your book. This makes you a more effective student.

When you read, your memory is improved through the following ways:

  • Exercises your neural networks
  • Adds memory storage capacity on your brain
  • Enhances memory ability
  • Concepts also get imprinted on your mind

6. Develops Your Verbal Abilities

Apart from the written portion of the LSAT, there may also be instances where you’re going to be interviewed. This can be a follow-up to your essay answers. There are also other universities that hold a physical interview for the purpose of getting to know you better. Remember that when you’re going to be a lawyer, a bulk of your job will also have to do with talking and litigating. Hence, you must be able to verbalize your case or that of your clients effectively.

The personal interview is not only a filter-out process but can also be a means to judge as to whether or not you’re equipped with skills to withstand the reporting and speaking requirements of law school. Fortunately, you can enhance the said skills through reading your LSAT books.


You may be reading this because you’re one of those who are also aspiring to become a lawyer. It’s a worthwhile dream, but it’s not going to be an easy thing to go through. The challenge starts even before taking the LSAT. With the thousands of other applicants, law schools want to make sure that those who get to enter their gates are equipped with the right skills to endure the mental load that law school entails.

To prove your ability, study and prepare well. Incorporating LSAT prep books in your studies is a good place to start.

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