5 Jobs You Can Do With a Degree in Theology

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If religion and religious history have always interested you, you might be thinking about studying a theological degree. The Saint Paul School of Theology can help you receive your religious education if this is a path you wish to follow.

Studying is all good and well, but the question is, what can you do with this degree? Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of different jobs available and routes your career could take with this certification.


Here are some of the top jobs you could get with a degree in theology.

Minister of Religion.

As a minister of religion, you will be authorised by the church to perform some of its main functions. Your role will include giving religious teachings and sermons, giving guidance or training and even counselling other believers. You’ll play a big part in the community and provide advice and support to the people of the church.

Because of this, you’ll need more than just your degree to be able to qualify for this job. You’ll need to be a strong follower of your faith with a passion for working with and helping people. You’ll be exposed to people of all different types and have to be tolerant and accepting no matter what troubles they bring to you.

Theology Professor.

Perhaps once you’ve finished your degree, you’ll decide you wish to teach the topic rather than do practical work in the field. You will need to continue your education beyond a bachelor’s degree, but this is usually well worth it. A Master’s degree or even a PhD will allow you to specialise, learn so much and become a professor.

The academic field will also open up the potential for conducting research and changing others’ lives in different ways.

Religious Teacher.

If university teaching isn’t your cup of tea, you can still teach religious studies to primary or secondary school students. Some universities report that the majority of their theology graduates take on positions like this and that they find great fulfilment.

Youth Pastor.

If you have that passion for working with young people, you might want to consider becoming a youth pastor. As with any job, there are a few paths to becoming a youth pastor and a few different ways your career could go.

You’ll provide guidance, support and advice to young people and help them along their spiritual journeys as well as in their personal lives. Many young graduates take on youth work as a part-time job, so you could use this as a stepping stone to another job too.


Finally, a popular job for theology graduates is counselling positions. Christian counselling offers more to those in need of emotional and spiritual guidance and a psychologist who leans on the likes of Freud and other leading theorists in the space.

As a counsellor, you’ll be making a real difference in people’s lives, helping them through mental struggles, emotional issues and troubles in their personal lives by guiding them spiritually through these trials.

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