5 Home Maintenance Indications and Consequences

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Owning a home is one thing, and maintaining it is another. Both take money, but the maintenance aspect requires a bit more knowledge about indications that something needs to be repaired, and then knowledge of the consequence of ignoring what could be a real issue.

So, if you own a home and see any of the following, be sure to follow up on any type or repair work or cleaning that you should be doing. Five indications that something is wrong, that you can easily do things about include stains on the ceiling, burn marks around electrical outlets, bowing wood, bathroom mold, and dripping faucets.

The Stain On the Ceiling

When you see a stain on a ceiling, you can usually assume that there’s some sort of water that’s causing the damage. However, when you look deeper into that issue, you’ll find that there are different places that water can actually come from. For instance, it could be a leaking roof, but it could also be from a broken pipe, or even condensation that’s forming because of improper insulation. Knowing the difference between those three causes, even though the indication is similar, is absolutely vital for your to prevent further consequences of disrepair.

The Burn Marks Around the Electrical Outlets

One big danger sign is if you notice burn marks around electrical outlets. The possibilities here are that there’s a faulty cord being used, the appliance in question is drawing too much power or heat, or there may even be some wiring issues with the outlet itself. Go over all of these possibilities before using the outlet again! Burn marks mean there’s a fire hazard, so it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what will probably be a simple process of elimination fix.

Bowing Deck Wood

If you have an outside deck, you can run into a situation where some of the wood may bow. This can cause issues with nails popping up, people tripping over edges, the overall design looking uncared for, or just generally looking tacky. The reasons for wood bowing may be because of the type of wood, the wood’s treatment, or even thing like what type of paint or stain that you used.

Mold In the Bathroom

Mold in the bathroom can mean a few different things as well. Obviously, it’s moisture that’s the problem. But you’re always going to have water in the bathroom. It’s a natural wet zone. However, if your fan doesn’t work – that’s a problem. If there’s an issue with drainage, that’s another problem. So knowing the difference is important.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are some of the most irritating things to deal with, but they are also some of the easiest fixes if you know what you’re looking for. It can be a problem with pressurization, or it can be a problem with any part of the seals that are in your end fixture. Learn to diagnose the problem, and the answer will be easy.

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