Your Checklist For Moving

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Your life may be filled up with activities and any intervention to your daily schedule might damage to something important. The moving can be such intervention and the following tips would help you in dealing with it, using much less effort.


8 Weeks

Use the online services to search for moving companies and ask your friends or family for advice.

Gather the information about your rights and obligations when working with a moving company.

You might need an extra insurance coverage for your moving.

Moving to a new area requires working with banks, schools, healthcare establishments and other institutions. Collect the required documents.

7 Weeks

Make written estimates from three licensed moving companies.

Start a folder for your estimates and documents related to moving process.

List the matters to be done in order to change your address.

6 Weeks

The packing process should start with closets. Clear off the unwanted clothing. Make the same with the items in other rooms.

The unwanted items may be donated, sold online or on a garage sale.

When moving with children, make sure the transfer process has everything required.

Seasonal items and rarely used items should be packed at first.

5 Weeks

Start to empty out your refrigerator and pantry. Do not make much grocery shopping before the moving.

Inform your friends and family about your moving. It is advised to provide them with your new address.

Make a purchase of items and tools required for the moving, including packing material, boxes, tape, etc.

It is recommended to number boxes, using colors for coding. Make an inventory list.

Now you may start your packing!

4 Weeks

Complete an official change-of-address form if necessary.

Care for vacation time for the days around your moving day.

Verify all paperwork with the mover and the proper insurance for your items.

3 Weeks

Cancel the delivery of newspapers for your previous address.

Such things as important documents, jewelry, and valuable items should be kept separately from moving boxes. It is recommended to transporting them personally.

Make pictures and inventory of your high-ticket items.

2 Weeks

Keep on the packing process.

Verify all the paperwork required for moving.

Provide the new owners with your new contact information.

Large appliances should be cleaned and unplugged.

Verify the presence of all required medications.

Prepare enough cash for the movers and any extra expenses.

1 Week

Turn on the utilities in your new home a day before the date of move-in.

Back up all devices.

Each family member should have a suitcase with all required toiletries and comfortable clothes.

Make the final checks with your moving company.

Everything must be clean after your move-out.

These advices are good for planning of moving in advance. In case of emergency, you might require rapid moving service, which can be provided by SF Moving Company. Move fast and hassle free.

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