Will Mobile Payment Spell the End of Paper Receipts? (Infographic)

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With the advent of digital technology and cloud computing , the paper receipt has become increasingly less popular over the past decade. Many point of sale (POS) printer companies have taken the initiative to launch new digital technologies and software that render regular paper printers obsolete. For example, Star Micronics, recently released a brand new digital receipting product, absolutely free-of-charge to their clients. It allows vendors to not only give customers a digital copy of their receipt, but also lets them track customer data with in-store surveys and device management tools.

But all that means the end of the paper receipts? My answer is” No”. You cannot expect everybody to use iPhone or Samsung in the smart phone era, somebody is still using the old fashioned Nokia now. Not everybody has or will ever have an intelligent mobile device, some people will always want to be a minority and choose to be “different”. So, paper till receipts will always be needed, and there are businesses that cannot afford to go down the technical route, small corner shops, bars, cafes, small independent shops and others where the cost of technology will be prohibitive to their profit margins on low cost, low profit purchases.

Also, paper till rolls allows any business to increase their advertising opportunities, by using pre-printed till rolls, any business can promote their products, new sales lines, opening hours, social media information and even provide discount vouchers or coupons.

We believe that no matter on the growth of technology, there will always be a requirement for ?paper receipts.

Will Mobile Payment Spell the End of Paper Receipts?

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