Wearing a Bikini Without a Bikini Bod

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Maybe summer is just around the corner, or perhaps you have a mid-winter vacation planned for a tropical destination. Whatever the circumstances may be, sometimes we just aren’t ready to bare our midriffs!

Getting ready for our bikinis doesn’t have to mean 10 months in the gym pumping weights and taking supplements. Being bikini ready doesn’t have to mean a perfect body. With just a few tips, you can “smoke and mirrors” your way into looking fabulous in a bikini in no time.

Sunless Tanning

Using a sunless tanning solution on our skin can take off pounds from our figure. By darkening the skin, the appearance of cellulite and flab is smoothed instantly.

Choose a lotion or spray that is streak free, and odorless. Try looking online for the best-reviewed products. If you choose to receive a sunless tanning treatment in a salon, ask for a touch-up bottle that they can offer to take with you on your trip for any fading or spots that need a retouch.

This way you can rest assured that you won’t have to desperately look for a salon for a new sunless tanning session on your trip.

Beach Kimono

A sheer kimono or beach cover up is a great way to hide all your little dips and crevices and jiggly bits, while still showcasing your curvy features. Find a sheer length that falls just below your butt, so that your derriere isn’t completely concealed, but just enough is hidden. Something patterned or dark colored is best.

Skin Cream

If your stomach and thighs are looking a little more like cottage cheese than you would like, consider a cellulite cream that smoothes unwanted dents.

The results aren’t immediate, but when applied three to four times a day, results can be expected after a few weeks of use.

Waist Trainer

Wearing a cinching waist trainer for a few hours a day prior to your vacation is ideal for prepping your waist to a slimmer size. Try wearing it initially at a true to size measurement, and over the course of a few hours, start to wear it tighter and tighter until you finally feel comfortable enough to wear it on it’s smallest size.

Juice Cleanse

Drinking nothing but juiced leafy green vegetables and fruits for several days can be a great quick fix solution to ridding yourself of bloating and shedding a few pounds before stripping down to a bikini.

When choosing a juicer, opt for a centrifugal over a masticating, since it preserves all of the live enzymes of raw fruit and vegetable.

Try a cleanse for as little as 3 full days, or as many as 7 full days. People who juice often report they not only feel thinner after doing this, but their confidence and mental clarity is noticeably greater. And even more than having a perfect bod, the best tip for wearing a bikini is confidence!

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