Women Fitness – 6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

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Being a woman is never easy, especially when you are the kind of woman who immediately gains weight. I personally feel like I’ll gain calories only even if I think about eating. Losing weight is not only about having a slimmer figure. It also makes you feel more confident and you stay active throughout the day. Apart from that, there are fewer chances of heart diseases, strokes, and even cancer.

Women Fitness

If you are planning to lose weight, only walking in the park won’t take you anywhere. You need something more than that which includes proper exercise and the use of sauna vest, wear it while working out if you wish to see super effective and instant results in your body. Of course, shedding pounds is not easy but having a strong motivation to workout can actually achieve you the desired figure. It not only makes you look good and feel lighter but also favors your health state. It’s not easy to stay motivated every day. There are times when you feel like giving up and don’t exercise anymore, don’t let your emotions win. Following are the 6 tips that help you stay motivated to exercise so you can lose weight and have productive results.

1. Set a Goal – How many times have you marked dates on the calendar? Like I will lose 5 pounds by the end of this week. Or waking up early morning and enrolling in an exercise program.

Let’s set realistic goals this time and stick to it no matter what. A personal trainer and life coach, Stacy Fowler says “Set realistic goals that include clear milestones, and as you progress toward your goal, you’ll find a ripple effect occurs and things fall into place in your work, home life, and health.”

The point is not to set big goals, instead, set small goals but give more than your best to achieve them. For example, commit to yourself that you will fit into that bikini before summer starts or you that old pair of jeans won’t be so tight for your waist. Whatever it is, write it down and keep reading it every now and then as a self-reminder.

2. Healthy Thoughts – Don’t feel miserable when it comes to exercise. Start having healthy thoughts, instead of thinking about pizza and burgers. There are people who went through near hell to shed extra pounds. Get inspiration from them and keep working out. It all begins in your head, once you tell yourself to keep going, it becomes hard to give up.

3. Make a Schedule – Whether you are a housewife who takes care of her husband and kids. Or you are an office going person. Make a schedule so you can exercise on regular basis. For instance, wake up before the sun comes up or after your kids sleep at night. It’s not easy to get out of bed but you need to have a strong will and motivation if you want to get rid of extra fat. Even if you exercise only for an hour on daily basis, you will notice a major change in your figure and overall health.

4. Find Your Tribe – Be with those who have the same goal as yours. I am not telling you to cut other people off of your life, of course. Whether you go for jogging in the morning or join a gym, choose your tribe so they keep you motivated. Have a competition with them like “let’s see who loses 3 KG first.” The high fives, laughs, and encouraging words can help you a lot sticking to your goal. Eat healthily and be with healthy people.

5. Reward Yourself – Don’t be so hard on yourself and reward yourself to stay motivated. A smoothie or an episode of your favorite season afterward can help you a lot. The author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, Charles Duhigg suggests this. He explains “habit loop” which makes you get through the exercise phase so you can reward yourself. The habit becomes stronger and you keep working out every day to reward yourself and lose weight.

6. Write It Down – Feel the difference after every workout and write it down. This way whenever you feel less motivated, you read what you just wrote the previous day and it helps you to keep going. After all, everyone wants to feel amazing again n again.

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