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With the upsurge in science and modern medicine, many life-threatening diseases have been eradicated from the face of the earth. While this may serve as good news to a large extent, there are still many growing health concerns that continue to show no signs of abating. We are referring to the endless list of common diseases which have remained widespread over the last few decades.

The exorbitant expenses attached to these diseases have been draining the pockets of patients worldwide. Not to mention, you can never really anticipate when you or your family member may fall prey to such diseases. Hence, it is only wise that you buy health insurance in advance so as to ensure that you have a financial net in place, while battling with unexpected illnesses. And, as for your entire family, we suggest procuring a family health insurance policy.

Home Remedies

Having said that, we think that it’s important to note that certain   common diseases can be prevented and treated with the help of these cost-effective home remedies:

Cardiovascular Diseases

These diseases encompass problems related to blood vessels and the heart. They are believed to be the leading cause of deaths worldwide.


  • Eat a fresh garlic clove every day.
  • Consume a glass of juice made out of alfalfa leaves.

Chicken Pox

A virus that spreads through air and direct contact, chicken pox is said to be one of the most highly contagious diseases in the world.


  • Apply a paste made out of fresh neem leaves, turmeric and poppy seeds on the chicken pox.
  • Drink soup made out of fresh carrots and half a cup of coriander leaves.


Marked by severe gastrointestinal symptoms, cholera is caused due to contaminated water and unhygienic conditions. It is rampant in third world countries.


  • Consume a home-made ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) mixture comprising of sodium and glucose multiple times for a speedy recovery.


Also known as yellow fever, this disease is assumed to be amongst the most common liver diseases.


  • Make a paste out of fresh papaya leaves after discarding the veins. Add a tablespoon of honey to this paste and consume it for 1-2 weeks as treatment.


A group of metabolic diseases that dictates high blood glucose or blood sugar, diabetes affects people all over the world.


  • Consume a glass of fresh bitter gourd juice every morning.
  • Include foods such as okra, peas, broccoli and sage in your everyday meals.


A disease caused by increased secretion of fluid into the intestine, which typically upsets the stomach, diarrohoea is known to affect the health of majority of children globally.


  • Consume a bowl of home-made yogurt.
  • Drink a concoction made out of 2 cups of water, boiled chamomile flowers and a teaspoon of peppermint leaves.

With such affordable and simple remedies available at our disposal, it may seem easy to cope with such common diseases.

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