TomTom Navigation for Android Platforms

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Smart phones, what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear this name? Probably a phone that comprises of multitude of actions, or applications! You may even think of a phone that is intuitive, and helps you out in every possible situation. Some others think of a smart phone as an internet phone that features everything that is available on the internet to the phone. Well, every one of you is right in one way or the other. Smart phone is attributed the duty of being more than just a messaging and calling phone. It is smart, it is intelligent, and it helps you survive the day. If you are bored, you can play games or listen to music on it, you can download apps to organize your life, you can have the online world unfold in front of you using the smart device.

TomTom Navigation for Android Platforms

Many people use the smart phone as direction tellers. Yes, navigation is one main purpose of use of smart phones. With Android platform coming in, the whole method of navigation has taken a superior turn. Many of you find the way navigation is given out on Android very useful and easy to understand. Based on the ever growing need of navigation apps, Android has devised a new app called TomTom specifically for the Android users. No, this is not a cross platform app.


For starters let’s begin by informing that this is not a free app. You have to pay about 2,050 INR to get this app to your phone. You get full offline support as well as lifetime application support for this price. Of course, it is expensive when compared with its immediate competitors, but the real deal is also heavy when compared with its direct competitors.

Installing the App

This can be a bit cumbersome given that the app is a bit heavy. Well, you won’t find any trouble till the time 36MB of the app is installed. The real deal begins after the 36MB download has happened. The whole size of this app is around 880MB, and you will need to download and install it in one go. In case the connection breaks in between, you will find that you have to go through the pain of downloading it all over again. This mobile app is definitely very touchy when it comes to installing. So, make sure you don’t trouble your mobile when installation begins. Also, ensure your internet speed is good when you begin downloading; else you will have to make do with a high tolerance level. Really, you have no other option.

The whole application downloads like pieces of puzzle, which are pretty independent of the other pieces. So, you can begin using the app as and when a particular piece is downloaded. Once downloaded, your application is ready to use. It will start within moments of downloading. You will need to allow the mobile app to track your location, and the speed of that tracking depends on your hardware. It should roughly take about 40 seconds to position your location on the maps.

Design & Interface

When talking of a mobile app, it is very important to review it from the design and interface point of view. Interface of this app is nicely laid out, and is pretty easy to understand. You will find a wide range of icons being displayed on the screen which include destination, current speed, next direction, time, distance remaining and other necessary information. You will also see a map displaying the perfect route to your destination on this screen. You can set the direction by pressing on the display and setting the destination in the destination area. You will also get the latitude and longitude coordinates displayed when viewing the map. This interface is the most uncomplicated of the lot available from various navigations. You can drive easily while viewing the navigation app without really getting distracted.

You also have IQ routes embedded in this mobile app which will get the fastest route option to the users. You get access to landmark navigation too using this app which is interesting and useful too.

Routes & Destinations

The app is not really aware of the local routes i.e. it lacks complete information on village and highway routes. You will find that when it leads you along a route that it calls the smallest route, it may or may not be suitable to some vehicles. This can be a disadvantage in case you choose to take the path in the vehicle unsuited for those roads.

Of course, the eco route it provides adds up to be a splendid advantage of using this app. You will get the straight route to your destination in a way that saves mileage while keeping a tab on the speed limit. The app offers routes that are mostly traveled, and suited for night driving too.

The mobile app comes with a day and night mode which offers comfort to the users. It is pretty intuitive in nature which makes the whole interface very good for the users.

Voice Alerts

TomTom navigation mobile app offers a wide range of voices to choose from when you are providing a voice alert for the destination of your choice. You can choose to use male/female voice as well as choose from the various different dialects that are available as choice with this app. You don’t need internet connection; you can surf for the required destination, and get the complete map while staying offline


It is in its nascent stage in India, but gives out a plethora of features that is unavailable as such with other mobile apps related to navigation. The flip side is a heavy download size, and lack of knowledge of the interiors. But, this is quite less compared to the heavy features that it provides its users.

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